Calories in and


We will talk in this article about the calories in and through the site the idea of I and of food, the people, his rapid breathing a lot around the world and feel free harms and benefits and let us recognize you in detail in this article .

What is and

  • Know and and also a meal as we mentioned a popular and well-known when everyone is a fast and easy food tasty but this food damages the benefits .

Calories in and

  • Needs and high calories by Help 433 calories it contains and also the amount of fat and 17 grams, and there is a and the ratio of sugar equals 8 grams, contains and also on the proportion of saturated fat is equal to 7 grams.
  • Contains and the ratio of carbohydrates help 63 grams and provides the sodium and up to 960 milligrams a lot of minerals and elements and dietary fiber, beneficial to the health of the human body there by 8 grams, and also contains manganese, 11% iron is found in and also by 10% .

Nutritional value and benefits and

  • Helps intake of and raise the level of focus as well as reduce stress and fear .
  • Help eating and also give the body the energy needed to perform the task without feeling tired and stress .
  • Needs and on some of the metal is important to strengthen the muscles and adjust blood body .
  • Needs and a little bit of zinc, which helps strengthen the immune system and protect it from diseases .

Damage waiver and

There are many diseases caused by eating and in large quantities such as :

  • Eating and lead to headaches and nausea, which includes a lot of the element sodium .
  • As the cause and allergic reaction in some people .
  • Result in eating and in large amounts to weight gain and obesity because it contains a lot of calories and saturated fat and sodium .
  • Contains zinc is useful for hair, pedicures and skin and the rest on the beauty and freshness of her .
  • Help and to increase the proportion of cholesterol in the body because it contains fat .
  • Lead intake and to the incidence of some chronic diseases like cancers of various types .
  • Lead intake and also of heart disease, atherosclerosis and vascular disease .
  • Cause eating and also to the injury of kidney disease .
  • Affects eat and drive on the nervous system such as Alzheimer’s disease and nerve spasms and other diseases
  • Eat and in large quantities leads to a lot of toxins inside the body .
  • Affects eating and also on the liver .
  • That negatively affects children and leads to obesity .
  • Eating and leads to raised blood pressure .
  • Affects eating and on mental health leads to stress and anxiety .

Components and

  • Consists and of pasta is quick to prepare and is made from flour, starch, salt, palm oil, and add to it some material which you earn its bitter taste .

And accursed

  • Make and of pasta offers various types of pasta so you can choose the type of pasta that contains few calories and contains a low percentage of fat but contains dietary fiber that helps the feeling of satiety and fullness for a period of time .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits and damages and we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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