Calculator heart rate favorite

حاسبة معدل نبضات القلب المفضل
All you have to do is enter your age, current only, the calculator will show the result by the heartbeat maximum desirable you have during exercise or physical exertion by different intensity, whether it’s average or violent.. enter the average age now.

Calculator heart rate favorite

Calculator heart rate is preferred during exercise helps to know the maximum heart rate during exercise any effort, depending on the degree of activity that may be mild or violent, which helps you to monitor the safety and health of your heart and see if there’s a problem or not, by calculating the rate of the heartbeat during exercise.

Calculate the heart rate during exercise

During your practice aerobics get your heart rate from the normal, is measured through your heart rate per minute bpm

So it is calculated the maximum rate of heart beat when you exercise by subtracting your age from 220, a treatise that was 50 years old, less than 220, the exhibition will be the maximum hit of your heart is 170, through the number of times that you should be your heart during exercise.

According to the American Heart Association, the maximum rate of heart beat:

  • Moderate exercise: about 50 to 70% of maximum heart rate.
  • Vigorous exercise: about 70% to 85%.

Heart rate during walking

The fast of the easiest exercises that can be done to strengthen heart health, especially that it doesn’t need to sports equipment special, which is one of the sports activities available in the temperate that can be done.

Even make the who play some kind of sport, and it differs from the rate of normal walking you do, the calculation of the heart rate so method.

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Heart rate during running

Calculate the heart rate during jogging, the way to help you determine the amount of the effort, so will help you need to know the amount of the maximum that should be up to the beating of your heart during exercise, which should range between 50% to 85%.

But watch out for the increase of the rate specified also for a long time may come with negative results to you, especially if you’re not a pro and still a beginner in exercise.

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