Calcium pills to cope and compensate lack of his daily needs for the deal

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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information on calcium pills for a pregnant woman, once I know a woman she is pregnant until you begin preparations for the birth of her setting off in the calculation of date of birth plus she is looking for all the benefit of her baby and makes it in the best condition, such as a diet that must be followed in addition to the things that benefit him and that might damage it, here comes the role of the nutrients that you need pregnant women through the journey of her pregnancy there is no doubt that calcium is one of the most important of these elements, therefore the doctors advise to use calcium pills to compensate for the body this element is very important, Even on a general level without pregnancy van calcium deficiency causes many serious complications, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore more on calcium pills and what are their significance to the deal, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

الكالسيوم مهم جدا للحامل و للجنينCalcium is very important for pregnant and the fetus

Calcium pills for pregnant women

It is very important for pregnant women to get what you need from the element of calcium, and in this case must be the case that a lot of drinking milk and its derivatives in addition to resorting to calcium pills in the case of women did not prefer dairy products, it should be noted that he a woman should eat calcium pills on a daily basis in particular if the situation was less than 25 years, the It should be noted also that there must be a time interval in the case of a pregnant woman eat calcium pills and iron pills where completely prevent their combination and must be an interval of a few hours at least, because calcium affects the absorption of iron in the body, but in all cases, obtaining calcium from natural sources such as milk and its derivatives is much better than resorting to calcium pills.

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حبوب الكالسيوم تعوض النقص الذي تعاني منه الحامل في حالة كانت لا تحب تناول الحليب و مشتقاتهCalcium pills to compensate the need in case it’s not like the intake of milk and its derivatives

The needs of pregnant women of calcium

Although pregnant women need calcium more than the needs of ordinary women but the needs are still convergent within the same age stage itself, below is a table that illustrates the needs of the body of the element calcium during different age stages :

Age groupRequirements of the element calcium ( mg / day )
Infants between 0 – 6 months200
Infants between 7 – 12 months260
Between 1 – 3 years700
Between 4 – 8 years1000
Between 9 – 18 years1300
Between 19 – 50 years1000
Between 51 – 70 for males1000
Between 51 – 70 for females1200
Older than 70 years1200
Need and nursing between 14 – 18 years1300
Situation and nursing in between 19 – 50 years1000

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في حالة نقص الكالسيوم فان ذلك يدل على وجود خطر على الحاملIn the case of calcium deficiency, it indicates the presence of danger to the situation

The symptoms of calcium deficiency for pregnant

There is a group of symptoms that indicate a lack of calcium in the body, this symptoms are as follows :

  • Tooth decay and eroded rapidly during pregnancy compared to the other.
  • The injury recurring inflammation of the gums.
  • Dry skin and skin plus the roughness of each, plus the high probability that the infected infections or eczema.
  • Injury to muscle cramping and then you automatically.
  • Increased heart rate and the attendant rise in blood pressure.
  • Feeling some pain in the lower abdomen and this pain is often the pain is not sharp.
  • Injury case report of mood swings have come to depression.
  • Double the growth of the nail and earn it.

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We gave you through the site pharmacy information on calcium pills for a pregnant woman also is considered one of the most important elements for both factors or for anyone on a general level it is the element of the Political Bureau of the bones and the treatment of women need a large amount of this element during pregnancy, and especially if the situation was less than 25 years, and it is therefore very important to provide the needs of the present of calcium to her pregnancy in peace and become a unborn child in excellent health ……………. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with pregnancy and health tips for dealing through the website of the pharmacy.

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