Buy attention … what are the signs and why is that? And how can you deal with him?

By focusing on a specific command few the phone rings and here is the e-mail has arrived and then notice a message from your friend telling you that he had booked tickets to the game, then you’ll have to reset your concentration to your business this may take some time but soon you will suffer from ADHD may be the cause of a health problem!

Can show the problem to forget important things or simple, start something and not complete chaos and the inability to organize tasks and, indeed, the cause may be completely different may be a health condition may be external stimulation, in short, whatever the reason, you need to deal with the dispersion of attention and improve your concentration.

What is attention?

ما هو

Buy attention can be simply defined as a lack of focus and attention as someone – something – behavior – specific work, in general it is common to pass by all the people around the world, but can sometimes be distracting, this more acute and clearly dangerous and could be the reason for problems, accidents, a lot.

While the focus is on the mental and intellectual to whom it is directed to all of what you do and do and learn, and is characterized by a period of attention is the period of time that will be possible to focus on something without interruptions or distractions, and there are many factors affect both the focus and attention.

Studies indicate that Americans are exposed to about 34 gigabytes of information و100500 word in every day an average of more than twice what it was 30 years ago, in addition to that the people who work in offices are exposed to the province every 11 minutes, the return to focus on what they were working on it might take them about 25 minutes, and thus a natural to be the ability to focus is very low.

Besides all these provinces the sheer amount of information that a person there are a lot of factors that affect the focus but at the same time, can cope with the distraction and relying on ways and simple exercises and daily health.

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Signs of attention deficit

علامات تشتت الانتباه

Do you notice a dip in your concentration? Do you treat someone close to you or the young son of Buy attention? Here are signs and symptoms that already refers to the presence of this disorder in focus.

  • Face difficulty in maintaining focus during Do or accomplish a certain task.
  • Mistakes not resulting from a lack of efficiency but rather caused by lack of attention.
  • The inability to focus on conversations, conversations long.
  • Non-compliance with the instructions.
  • The inability to quit the business and to the tasks entrusted to him.
  • Forget about the simple things and important and frequently.
  • Start a task and complete it.
  • Mr. In a certain way and forget about where it’s heading.
  • Avoid activities and actions that attempt to long periods of focus.
  • The inability to separate the events surrounding him, but cause him more confusion.
  • Chaos and the inability to organize and arrange business.
  • Problems remembering dates and delays frequent.

Reasons to buy attention

أسباب تشتت الانتباه

There are a range of reasons that lie behind the lack of attention Some be healthy and some of them depends on the quality of the conditions that is a loss of focus in some of them depends on the style of life, and can overlap but in general the handle is the most important in terms of treatment and improve attention.

1 – the case of certain health

Can be associated to many medical conditions, decline in the extent of the intellectual as one of their effects or symptoms, the most important of these cases are: tension – conflict – Lyme disease – immunodeficiency – diseases of the brain – diseases of the nervous system, in general be necessary to obtain medical diagnosis and treatment by a specialist.

2 – underactive thyroid

Hypothyroidism disorder her hormones have a direct effect on the ability of the brain besides the lethargy, fatigue and lack of energy can lead this shortcoming to a lack of blood supply to certain areas of the brain which varies attention focus, in addition to a reduction in the size of the hippocampus responsible for short-term memory, so the laziness of the thyroid gland have symptoms that resemble the symptoms of the disorder ADD (disorder, loss of concentration, without hyperactivity).

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3 – side effects of medicines and treatments

Have some medicines impact directly on the capacity of the intellectual brain focus and recall, especially strong pain relievers that have an effect on the nervous system.

As to persons who have completed the doses of cancer chemotherapy (particularly for children) can suffer more from disorders in brain function intellectual.

4 – anxiety disorder

Of the most important symptoms that are related to anxiety disorder is the loss of focus and decline of memory abilities, besides the exposure to psychological stress chronic or repeated can lead to negative effects on the hippocampus and memory long-term cortex of the frontal brain which means to cognitive function.

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5 – hyperkinetic disorder and attention deficit

A complex disorder in nerve growth, it is diagnosed at an early age (between 6 – 12 years) and sometimes after it, characterized by the child’s ability to adjust respond to and manage feedback, appears with symptoms of: hyperactivity and the activity and soak in the attention, generally along with other types feature either a team activity with a natural focus or loss of focus with the activity of normal.

Treatment depends on the development of the ability to cope with the symptoms and reactions, and that psychotherapy – cognitive behavior therapy – lifestyle adjustments to logically certain – medications.

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6 – drug addiction

Some of the articles specifically those that have the influence of drugs or addiction can lead to adverse effects on brain function, memory, and most important: marijuana marijuana – cocaine-cocaine – ecstasy ecstasy – caffeine caffeine and shows this effect on the structure and functioning of the brain it affects different areas of the cerebral cortex in addition to hippocampus and neurotransmitters and hormones.

7 – syndrome after trauma

Syndrome after trauma is a set of symptoms that a person after his traumatic experience left a strong impact on the psychological and mental state, these symptoms could be to: decline in intellectual function and concentration – depression and grief – loss of control – suicide attempts are frequent.

8 – severe depression and mood disorder

Depression is a real illness that affects chemical of the brain is clearly one of the most important manifestations of his lethargy of fatigue and declining attention and focus, on the other hand, shows the attention deficit is more pronounced in people who suffer from bipolar disorder, especially in a bout of low mood, can cope with the symptoms of the change of pattern and life style but in general not necessary to treatment by a competent doctor so that depends on the drugs which contains all of the addressed stop regular monitoring.

9 – sleep disorders

Sleep plays an important role when it comes to the organization of neurotransmitters and brain and memory functions and install information and increase the focus, and therefore can be sleep disorders, health problems and psychological have an effect on its quality is the primary reason you buy pay attention, the most important of these disorders: syndrome sleep apnea – restless legs syndrome – insomnia – depression – side effects of some drugs.

So it is necessary to determine the cause and deal with it and improve the quality of sleep and get sufficient number of hours.

10 – malnutrition and dehydration

The lack of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements necessary for the body and it is considered essential cause problems related to memory and concentration, so necessary to rely on a healthy diet, along with the importance of drinking sufficient amount of water because they operate on rate hike focus.

11 – the nature of life and its pattern

The life that is tense preoccupation with chaos and lack of development and lack of adequate time to rest, or continuing engagement with the past use media and phone games without focusing on the other aspects, the unhealthy habits all play a role in the lack of focus.

Ways to increase and improve attention

طرق لزيادة وتحسين

The following are the 6 ways by which you can overcome the distraction and improve focus dramatically.

1 – training on living in the moment

Can’t know the future and can go back to the past… but focus on them more than a chance to focus on the present and remember things that happen now are much harder, so practice living in the moment and you can it simply by focusing on your sense of focus now on air you feel is cool or hot you’ll soon get used to it.

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2 – be conscious and careful in everything around you.

In everything you do now of the functions and work and all that you see and all the places where you need to be more aware of that will depend on the highest degree of focus.

3 – Choose to focus on the things that matter to you

Of course it would be hard to focus when doing tasks that you hate but on the contrary, when you love what you do then you will enjoy and be in the highest degree of attention, so choose things according to what suits you.

4 – observed and accurately as much detail as possible

Trained to note minute details, as follows: the tops after class when ascending and descending – tops after cutting the tiles – the number of times to repeat a particular word when you follow the news….

5 – stay away from all working to buy attention

Phone – internet – computer – social media and other things that stand in the way of your focus, you’ll stay away from them and the allocation of other time away from work time or study.

6 – count but in a way the development of the focus

Training to focus your mind by counting, but in different ways, such as: 1 – 3 – 5 thus, Or count down 100 – 99 – 98 or count down all 3 numbers 100 – 97 – 94…

Don’t worry you’re not alone. suffer from Attention Deficit … all of us despite the different reasons we suffer from loss of focus, but as soon as you make sure to follow the methods of treatment of displacement and the attention you will notice the difference.

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