Bulletin tablets copegus to treat hepatitis C Copegus

Tablets copegus Copegus contains many benefits that help in the treatment of hepatitis C which is one of the most dangerous diseases that infect the liver and may cause cirrhosis and become the life of the patient in grave danger, this property contains a range of materials and compounds capable of killing this epidemic and heal them in quick time before you become the condition of the liver late.


Reasons for the use of copies

  • Tablets copegus treat cases of hepatitis.
  • Used in the treatment of HIV sex.

Allowed dose of copegus

  • The recommended dose of doctors will be at the rate of a tablet twice a day one in the morning and in the evening.
  • Advised to swallow the tablet whole without chewing it.

Side effects from taking copies

Containing tablets copies on the ratio of the side effects that are in some medications and pose a threat to the person’s reach property it would be necessary to take care of them therefore we will explain it through the following points: –

  • Leads Copegus to some problems in the nervous system.
  • Cause depression.
  • The emergence of some aggressive behavior.
  • Inflammation of the gums and tongue.
  • The occurrence of some disturbances in the eye.
  • The urge to vomit.

Contraindications to use tablets copegus

  •  Prevents the intake of copies for people who suffer from feelings for Ellery or any of the components available in the property.
  • Advised not to use it throughout the months of pregnancy until the fetus is in good health.
  • Prevents the dealt with in the period of breastfeeding out of fear for the baby of any health damage, and not through the mother’s breast.
  • The doctor must be informed if the patient suffers from cases of diseases of the liver advanced.
  • Be permanently prohibited from anemia patients.
  • Granted in the case of infection with the context.
  • Should heart patients tell the doctor that before taking copies.
  • Gives for alcoholics.
  • Grants for children less than 18 years.

Tablets price copegus

  • The price of the packaging concentration of 200 mg to 480 pounds.
  • The company producing the drug is Roche.

Way to save the discs copies

  • Store in a temperature not higher than 30 more.
  • Store in a place free from sunlight.
  • Keep away from children.

Treatment of liver herbal

  •  The dandelion plant: they are of the most important herbs that work to regulate the blood thus killing the bacteria and toxins that accumulate in the liver.
  • Turmeric: is the percentage of curcumin that eliminate any infections in the body and eat it on the way added to the food such as rice, or add 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of warm milk and consume daily.
  • Artichoke: helps this plant in the body’s resistance to many diseases where it says the organization works to strengthen the functions of the liver.
  • Olive leaf: placed these securities in the amount of water and then boil it well on the fire, and then filtered and good to eat.

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