Brewer’s yeast to increase the weight

خميرة البيرة لزيادة الوزن

خميرة البيرة لزيادة الوزن

Brewer’s yeast is obtained from a fungi and often contain dietary supplements that contain Brewer’s yeast on the yeast dryer is lively, and people use beer yeast for making the medication is to take Brewer’s yeast by mouth for the treatment of breathing problems including colds and other respiratory infections, influenza, seasonal allergy, and is well known for its role effective in increasing weight, you know the brewer’s yeast to gain weight through this article.

The benefits of Brewer’s yeast to gain weight

Used Brewer’s yeast as a dietary supplement to increase energy levels and provide B vitamins andselenium and protein, because they contain a chromium chromium may help in weight loss more than weight gain, and increase weight people need to increase their caloric intake significantly by way of foods other high-calorie, and beer yeast contains about 28 calories per tablespoon which is not so much to increase the weight.

Its benefits of Brewer’s yeast other

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Taking Brewer’s yeast that contains vitamins and minerals by mouth may reduce symptoms of PMS annoying.

Allergic rhinitis

Research shows that taking 500 milligrams of product beer yeast for 12 weeks reduces symptoms of inflammation of the nose associated with seasonal allergies during high pollen count however does not seem to be the product improves symptoms of the eye.


Research suggests the amount to be eating Brewer’s yeast which contains chromium by mouth for 8 weeks can reduce blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes, and may also reduce the need to use of some diabetes medications.

High cholesterol

Research suggests that eating Brewer’s yeast which contains chromium by mouth for 8 weeks reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood and increases high-density lipoprotein levels in people who suffer from high cholesterol.


Show some research that eating a regular beer yeast for 12 weeks reduces the possibility of injury Binfluenza among persons who did not receive the influenza vaccine, but it does not seem that it reduces the duration or severity of symptoms of the flu have those people already.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Research shows that taking 500 milligrams or 1000 milligrams of Brewer’s yeast daily for 12 weeks may reduce the intestinal pain and constipation in people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Related topics

Damages Brewer’s yeast

Think Brewer’s yeast is great for most people when taken by mouth short-term, and use regular yeast beer safely in doses of 500 milligrams a day for 12 weeks, and the use of beer yeast and other safe doses of 1000 milligrams per day for 12 weeks, when some persons, can cause yeast headaches and discomfort in the stomach and gas if it is consumed heavily.

Collaboration Brewer’s yeast with medications

Beer contains yeast on a chemical called tyramine can cause large amounts of tyramine in high blood pressure but the body breaks naturally tyramine rid of it, and this usually prevents the tyramine from causing high blood pressure some medicines used for depression prevent the body from breaking tyramine, can cause a lot of tyramine in the body in high blood pressure seriously.

Now dear reader and that you know the benefits of Brewer’s yeast to increase the weight and the benefits of other please review the nutritionist before starting any diet, at the end of this article we wish you continued health and wellness.

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