Bipolar disorder and marriage


We will continue with you through this bipolar disorder and marriage through the website idea and with regard to some people to the serious mental illness life-threatening and its ability to build social relationships together, and one of those mental illnesses that cause many problems to man and makes him unable to judge things sometimes is bipolar disorder which significantly affects the ability of the infected individual to establish a social relationship together, so if the life partner is suffering from this mental illness will have some things to do to implement this marital relationship and this is what we have with in the next lines.

Bipolar disorder :-

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric illness affects the patient and his general condition and mood, in some times the patient suffers from a state of depression and grief and at other times feel the need of happiness salient, and thus these mood-changing that will affect relationships and social and it sometimes does not have the ability to judge things, in times of happiness it may give the objects greater than the size its a lot of money misplaced and in times of depression, you may lose a lot of important things.

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The symptoms of bipolar disorder :-

There are some people do not feel that they suffer from bipolar disorder and years and they are living with the disease despite emergence of certain behaviors unpleasant for them this behavior be like :

  • The incidence and duration of mania mild to severe at times.
  • The incidence and duration of depression to severe, medium and light.
  • Feeling of sadness, despair, and frustration without reasons.
  • Having thoughts of suicide
  • The patient loses the ability to focus on the important things properly.
  • You see that a permanent label when you speak and when you bring up ideas that would be the thoughts of hasty and ill-considered.
  • Enjoy the need of exaggeration in Hope and optimism.
  • Severe self-confidence is exaggerated.
  • Of character her actions and behaviour but to plead recklessness.
  • Someone who is not responsible you can’t count on you in command of things.
  • Judged things incorrectly and they spend a lot of funds misplaced.
  • Appear on the infected person symptoms hallucinations ferry and things of fiction is not allowed by the other.

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Types of bipolar disorder :-

There are many types of disorders, bipolar characterized by several disorders ranging in severity from mania to hypomania to me to up the patient’s chronic depression.

  • Bipolar disorder of the first type : is the type that is determined based on the manic episodes that hit the patient and bouts of full-blown mania, which may preceded or followed by episodes of hypomania or depression, and it is possible to implement the patient completely from reality because of manic episodes such.
  • Bipolar disorder type II : in this type of person suffers from bouts of depression and mania but manic episodes here light.
  • Disorder cyclothymia : with the person from bouts of hypomania and depression that last for two years, and in adolescents and children use for one year.

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Bipolar disorder and marriage :-

  • After that we know all matters that pertain to bipolar disorder despite everything we’ve said that this disease makes a person struggle a lot of the symptoms that would sabotage the marriage relationship beginning and end in divorce.
  • However, these symptoms can be controlled and treated with more medications and psychological treatments that will make the patient in a state of normality most of the time.
  • And natural that all marital relationships encounter some problems and disabilities, the prayer we should try and look to the pros personal distance from the system to its negative effects, may lead to the success of the relationship most of the time.

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Tips when marriage with bipolar disorder :-

There are some tips that will help in the success of the relationship between the parties :

  • First you must know the partner about the situation more by reading about the disease and the pathogen, what makes a person seizures, mania or depression.
  • Sources for a life partner in him if he didn’t know a bear if one can complement the relationship and creates a trade or separated from the beginning.
  • The follow-up drugs and bring the doctor well so he doesn’t catch reverse.

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Dear leaders, we hope that we may have given you the clarification and distinctive for all the information about bipolar disorder and marriage we are ready to receive your comments and inquiries and quickly respond to them.

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