Best ways to treat hemorrhoids with garlic at home

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the anus are painful and inflamed, occur as a result of constipation, or pregnant women, can use some natural remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids, as garlic like, it is effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids relieves the itching and inflammation, in addition to being simple, cheap, easy, and may already be available always in the kitchen, here you can find out how to cure hemorrhoids with garlic, and some other natural remedies that will help you.

علاج البواسير بالثوم

Do you know what causes hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are usually due to increased pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal area during bowel movements, if there is a lot of pressure inside or around the veins the pelvic, the pelvic area or the rectal area become swollen, leading to enlarged veins in the anal area.

The first thing you need to know before knowing how to cure hemorrhoids with garlic, is to know what are the possible causes of hemorrhoids? Most often not just one reason, but a combination of several reasons, such as:

  • Your diet
  • Increased pressure during bowel movements
  • Obesity
  • Sit for a while longer
  • The heavy lifting
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging

Why does garlic in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Garlic is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory properties, it also fights fungus, bacteria and viruses! May be caused by some hemorrhoids bacteria or Candida, hemorrhoids is the swollen vein, and garlic is an excellent herb for blood circulation.

We’ve searched for you for a hemorrhoid treatment with garlic, and we found that it can be used garlic to treat hemorrhoids naturally in several ways, there is in this article key you need to their knowledge, the first that garlic can relieve the pain and itching! And the second is providing an environment that is antiseptic to help heal the tissue.

To treat hemorrhoids with garlic olive oil and thyme

To do this, you need to remove the shell that surrounds the flash some garlic, put a pod of garlic in the rectum like a suppository, adding lubricant such as olive oil will make it easy to use.

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You only need use your finger to index finger and put a clove inside the rectum approximately two inches before sleep, do this for seven days, and get rid of the garlic clove when the process output, there is another way which is mashed garlic cloves and put in olive oil, then the mixture is put on the screen and used as bandages on the anal opening.

علاج البواسير بالثوم

A solution of garlic cleanser for hemorrhoids

A solution of garlic cleanser reduces inflammation, it also has a wide range of antibiotics, which help kill wide range of bacteria, has been the use of garlic as an antiseptic to prevent gangrene during the first World War and the Second World War.

Garlic contains the widest range of all the antimicrobial substances we know of – it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and in order to prepare this crop cleanser you can boil garlic cloves in water on the fire for ten minutes, then drain the garlic from the water and when cool use as an antiseptic solution.

Don’t kill the natural remedies to cure hemorrhoids with garlic, but come signs of hemorrhoids in different forms many, many factors contribute to the amount of time it takes to heal, it has become natural remedies for hemorrhoids more common because it is extremely easy to use, inexpensive, and do not have any negative side effects compared to the commercial products that contain the content of the artificial.

Tips and tricks to help hemorrhoids

Next to the use the cure hemorrhoids with garlic that is sure that it will help you to relieve the itching and pains, if you do not suffer from bleeding, you can also apply these tips to help you..

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, this will loosen the stool a little and make excretion easier, you should avoid constipation, because the main reason for hemorrhoids.
  2. Tried to do a lot of sports, because this will stimulate your blood circulation and helps in digestion, andmake an appointment to donate regularly.
  3. Apple juice can help in hemorrhoids, the tops of the human beingsB a cup of it every day.
  4. If hemorrhoids of the anus, you can treat it with calendula ointment, you will not anti-inflammatory effect and also mucous membranes of sensitive and irritated skin.
  5. Have the affected persons pay more attention to their theory, after each bowel movement you must clean the anus with warm water.
  6. The performance of a hip bath (sitz) every day, add the extract of oak bark in lukewarm water for 15 minutes, you can buy the extract of oak bark in pharmacy.
  7. Drink tea made from powdered root of rhubarb every day.
  8. Choose the correct posture when urinating, be easy to empty your bowel without the need for the pressure that protects the injured tissue to some extent.
  9. Attention high fiber diet, it is advised to rice and oats.
  10. To relieve hemorrhoids, you can treat it with ointment horse chestnut, making the their own need to 4 grams of beeswax, olive oil, 30 ml and 15 g of lanolin, heat everything in a water bath and add 20 drops of juniper oil and 30 ml of tincture of horse chestnut, mix everything well and cool in suitable container, you can buy the ingredients in stores and pharmacies.
  11. Be sure to avoid hot spices so as not to put additional pressure on the bowel.

علاج البواسير بالثوم

Home remedies that also help you in the treatment of hemorrhoids

After learning about the ways to treat hemorrhoids with garlic, there are some other natural remedies that can be applied in the region and help you in the treatment of hemorrhoids significantly..

  1. Help essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree or evening primrose oil to relieve stress, combat pain, itching and inflammation, and reducing blood vessels, so it can be used against hemorrhoids by putting some oil on the painful area.
  2. Aloe vera has a cooling effect and anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and thus can be useful for hemorrhoids, to do this take some aloe vera gel and publish it on the painful areas, be sure to use gel contains no additives and is fragrant .
  3. Vinegar apple vinegar is the fruit is relatively light it can be used well against hemorrhoids, because the acids acetic cleanse the inflamed areas and relieve the government, in order to achieve the best possible effect, it is recommended to relieve apple cider vinegar in the ratio 1: 1 with water, then you can apply it on the painful areas using a cotton ball or put it in the water with the sitz bath.
  4. To treat hemorrhoids with garlic and honey, honey is not just food, but also home treatment is a tried and tested highly, and not without reason, do not antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, among other things, and therefore can help reduce hemorrhoids can be applied carefully on the inflamed areas, or mix natural honey with the mashed garlic and apply it on the anus clean.
  5. Treatment of hemorrhoids with oil of Olives, it enjoys a good reputation in enhancing digestion, so it can also be used against hemorrhoids, if you consume a tablespoon of olive oil on a regular basis (for example with every meal) can get rid of constipation, and thus can remove one of the causes of hemorrhoids, as can massaging the anal area of infected with olive oil to reduce the inflammation .
  6. Treatment of hemorrhoids with Vaseline, helps Vaseline in maintaining the elasticity of the anal area and can be used as a preventive measure and as a remedy to my house by lubricating regular company with her.

After learning about the ways to treat hemorrhoids with garlic and some other home remedies, should not think these methods substitute for medical treatment, before using to treat hemorrhoids with garlic or any other substance, consult a doctor first.

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