Best antibiotic for teeth

Best antibiotic for teeth via website cart health teeth are exposed always to a lot of different problems, and in those cases consult a doctor; so we get the right solution and complete the instructions based on the cause of the complaint, and should also be followed regularly so that dental treatment is quick and sound.


Best antibiotic for teeth

Many suffer from severe pain after a tooth or wisdom tooth, and here the doctor prescribes some antibiotics for the healing place of molar deposed, including the alleviation of this pain, and this additive:

Antibiotic clindamycin

  • This kind of antibiotics be very suitable for a lot of people come her or 600 A and some doctors Eat 3 times a day for one week.
  • Is clindamycin of the best antibiotics that weaken the strength of the bacteria after class antihistamines penicillin.

Antibiotic metronidazole

  • Some people prefer eating this counter; it is fast-acting and helps get rid of the pain of the teeth after the extraction.
  • Helps the case of anaerobic bacteria, as possible to eat beside penicillin, because these two types of antibiotics women who help to prevent the formation of bacteria in the teeth.
  • Available this anti pharmacy and intake of one tablet of 500 mg twice daily.

Strong antibiotic for the need

Is taking strong antibiotics to treat a tooth abscess which are available many types, as they contribute to get rid of the anaerobic bacteria, but prefer to take it after consulting a doctor even prescribe the right treatment and the appropriate dose according to the patient’s health condition, such as:

  • Penicillin: the first class of antibiotics to treat tooth abscess before and after having a tooth pulled, he is strong and fast-acting.
  • Azithromycin: are you eating this kind of antibiotics for mild cases that are suffering from a tooth abscess is a wide area and creates all the inflamed tissue .

The best natural antibiotic for tooth

Detection of Alternative Medicine recently about the relationship of natural features, in the treatment of inflammation of the gums, the teeth, in addition it is of natural materials and absolutely safe for human health, which consists in the following:

Natural bee honey

  • Help honey activate blood circulation, and thus get rid of the microbes inside the mouth.
  • Enjoy honey the natural vitamins and elements indispensable for strong teeth and sound.
  • It is recommended to place a spoon honey in a glass of warm water, then rinse your mouth out several times, I will notice the pain is gone quick.

Garlic to treat inflammation of the gums

  • Garlic is rich in unique characteristics too, where he can get rid of the fungus causing bacteria at the gums and teeth in quick time.
  • When feeling pain in the teeth, it is recommended to chew a clove of garlic, and in the case of not bear the taste of garlic.
  • You can take it like a drive, then eat after a large glass of water.

Black tea to treat a sore tooth

  • Contains black tea anti-inflammation and oxidation, it can get rid of tooth ache in the fastest time.
  • Possible to work a cup of black tea non-local drive, and then rinse your mouth out several times.
  • After repetition of this method will notice the disappearance of pain after the moment has almost.

You with the best antibiotic for the teeth and our independence of all inquiries for the treatment of inflammation of the gums and teeth through the comment below the article.

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