Benefits of leeks and how you can add it meat you?

فوائد الكراث

فوائد الكراث

The ends of the leeks to the onion family, green onions and garlic and includes shallots green onions but larger and milder flavor, as it is sweet to some extent and does not feel creamy when you cook it; all kinds of leeks nutritious and it is believed that they offer a range of health benefits, keep reading to learn the benefits of leeksdifferent.

Benefits of leek

  • Leeks are low in calories but it contains high level of nutrients, especially magnesium and vitamins A and C , and K, and there is a leek small amounts of fiber, copper, andvitamin B6 , iron and folate.
  • Leek is rich in Bantioxidants and sulfur compounds, especially action and allicin, it is believed that these compounds work to protect your body from disease.
  • Contains leeks compounds healthy vegetarian to reduce inflammation and cholesterol and blood pressure and inhibit the formation of blood clots and reduces the risk of injury Bheart disease in general.

Benefits of leek also includes:

  • The fiber and water found in leeks may feel your fullness and of your feeling of hunger which helps you lose weight, moreover, the leek features the price of its low calories, which will help you a lot if you are going to obligation toplease specific calorie.
  • Some studies indicate that the compounds of the leeks have been struggling to cancer and eating large amounts of see, including leek, Wild Onion, may reduce the risk of developing this disease; there is still a need for further studies.
  • Leeks are a good source of soluble fiber, which nourishes the beneficial bacteria in your gut, in turn reducing these bacteria from the inflammation and promotes a healthy digestive system.

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Benefits of leeks and other

Although the leek has not been studied thoroughly, such as onions and garlic, but the research available indicates that it may provide additional benefits, such as:

  • May lower blood sugar levels; it turns out that the sulfur compounds present in the aim to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood effectively.
  • May enhance brain functions, the sulfur compounds this also your mind of mental decline and diseases associated with aging.
  • Might try infections; show the research conducted on animals to action found in leeks may protect from bacterial and viral infections, andyeast infections.
  • Although these results are promising, however, there is a need for more studies to confirm these results throughout the the largest.

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How can you add leek meat your diet?



Leeks don’t taste less severe compared to garlic and onions, as it has a sweet taste and decent when you cook it, which makes it a delicious addition to you, prepare and exploit the benefits of the leek, you can do the following:

  • You cut the roots and limbs of the dark green color with the preservation of the White parts invoice only.
  • Then you cut it lengthwise and wash it well to remove dirt and sand accumulated between the layers.
  • You can eat leeks raw, but you can also boil it or few or roasting it or boiling it or taking it in the form of pickles.
  • The longer the leeks are also a wonderful addition to soups, dip., the stews, and fillings for tacos, salads, French fries, and potato dishes of various kinds.

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Contains leeks a variety of nutrients and beneficial compounds that may improve digestion, encourage weight loss and reduce inflammation, it also has properties to fight heart disease and cancer, it is very versatile and add it to your diet, where you can eat it alone or add it to a variety of main dishes or side.

Tell us-did you experience a leek before? For more information on the benefits of leeks or the benefits of other vegetables you can consult one of our doctors here.

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