Benefits and harms of the injection of vitamins

Benefits and harms of vitamin injections across the site of Arab Health is the injection of vitamins of the best alternatives to nutritional supplements, despite that recently spread on social networking sites a question is extremely important, which revolves around the are vitamin injections useful or harmful?.


Types of injection vitamins

Show the importance of vitamin B to protect the healthy cells of the body, so we find it in many natural sources, whether vegetable or animal, but some people do not eat adequate for the body’s needs from these sources, and therefore need other sources such as vitamins which are as follows:

Vitamin B1 – thiamine

  • Works to protect the brain cells, but the nervous system as a whole.
  • Trying to help the body when you use the carbohydrates in food, and converted in the production of the energy needed to do daily chores.

Vitamin B2 – riboflavin

  • Enhances the production of material niacin to the body.
  • Essential to the process of the growth of the body, the production of red blood cells.
  • Works on the protection of the eyes and nervous system.

Vitamin B6 – beer doxycycline the

  • Enters in the treatment of infections of the extremities, muscle nerve.
  • Plays a strong role in the granting of pregnant and lactating women, strength and health during pregnancy and lactation.

Vitamin B12 – methylcobalamin

  • Essential in enhancing brain function, and producing red blood cells.
  • Protect against MS. the case of muscle spasms.

The best injection vitamin B nerve-wracking

Looking many people for injections safe treat inflammation of the nerves and the body, therefore we will continue you months injecting vitamins for the elderly, and pregnant ladies, but the importance should consult a doctor before using these injections so as not to cause any side effects.

Injection see me.

Repeated injections see me, of vitamin multiple which is:

  • Vitamin B1, which is the focus of 100 mg.
  • Vitamin B6 and concentration of 40 mg.
  • Vitamin B-12 and to focus it.

Reasons for use:

  • Helps in the treatment of chills and twists.
  • Treats the pain resulting from the inflammation of the nerves.
  • Possible to give it to treat vomiting.
  • Enters in the treatment of anemia.

Injection my pile

  • Contains B group vitamins essential to the body.B 1, vitamin B 6, vitamin B-12.
  • Used in the treatment of nerve pain such as sciatica, and also nerve II.
  • Helps in the treatment of nerve damage that results from injury of the spine.

The injection of European

  • Consists of فيتامينB1 – B6 – B12.
  • Works on the treatment of vomiting during pregnancy..
  • Treats inflammation of the nerves.

Damage vitamin injections

Known to be wasteful in the taking certain medications or not be used under the supervision of a doctor, even if it is a vitamin, it may cause some damage, which consists in the following:

  • When you take excessive doses of vitamins may cause bleeding as a result of increased pressure on the blood.
  • The presence of some bruising or blue in the places of injections, as a result of frequent injections in the area of the vein.
  • Clump of platelets in the places of skin wounds to help them heal, and with frequent injections the vein through the skin, it cause a stack of these plates in the region of the vein.
  • The emergence of some complications as a result of taking this injection her extreme exhaustion, muscle spasms, the constant fatigue, the appearance of some of the puffiness and swelling.

These were the benefits and harms of vitamin injections we are pleased to receive all inquiries about vitamins and supplements through the comment below the article.

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