Behavioral disorders in adolescents and treatment

Behavioral disorders in adolescents and treatment across the site of Arab Health intends to adolescence of the main stages, which passes by the boy and the girl, they point to talk to them more accurately is to get out of childhood and enter into maturity, making him go to the emotions associated with violence and aggression, which often sees parents and family that his emotions are exaggerated and unjustified, but the psychology has proved to be an important stage you must pass every little boy and girl, as they are linked to hormonal changes in the body and health.


The symptoms of psychological state of the adolescent

Characterized adolescence by the emergence of a range of psychological symptoms which appear clearly on the teenager, so the family must control the actions of their children; and to avoid any problem through the following:

  • Notes on adolescent change in the consequences of his effusive: whether to cry intense when the girls or a structure when the boys accompanied them all bouts of extreme anger unprovoked.
  • Suicide: confirmed, the World Health Organization that the highest rate of suicide in the United States, which ranks third in causes of death between the adolescents, especially those aged 15-19 years where the resort to suicide as a result of their mental state bad.
  • Water to the evening night: mostly complain of restlessness accompanied by inability to sleep, a few hours after returning from school.
  • Loss of appetite: not wanting to eat meals only in minute quantities on the non-usual, which leads to a change in weight.

The problems of adolescents psychological and social

There are a lot of psychosocial issues faced by adolescents and the most important of these problems :

First: psychological problems:

  • Water aggressive and in all their actions besides the feeling of indifference.
  • Change in negative perceptions of both upset for no reason or loud.
  • Influenced by study and semester when the teenagers are making their retreat in the level of their performance.
  • The teenager begins to keep so many secrets, and strongly not knowing anyone even his parents.

Second: social problems:

  • Many of the guys and girls at this stage the desire to sit alone, not wanting to make friends.
  • Shyness and introverted feeling ashamed and embarrassed, especially when girls, with their unwillingness to engage in any of the school activities.
  • As for the youth attendant jealousy of the hammer on the mother, the sister, even from the people closest to him.

Treatment of the behavioural disorder in adolescents

Stir psychologists to offer some tips that help in the treatment of behavioural disorder in adolescents:

  • Prefer to consult a psychologist and communicate with him at this stage.
  • Parents should deal freely with their children, especially adolescence.
  • Prefer closer to them and try to watch them always in problem-solving.
  • Encourage them to make friends and practice different activities to help them cope within society .

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