Bed air purifier with outbreaks of MERS-CoV


Bed air purifier with outbreak #person

With anxiety and fear of the spread of MERS-CoV affected by the fallout of the virus and impact of Glenn on the pattern of family life.

I turn everyone to follow the news on the clock to stand on the developments

Hoping to listen to the experience of finding a treatment to eliminate this nightmare that has infected communities and the panic and fear

As a result of the spread of the epidemic and the high rates of injury and death.

And the resulting loss of many jobs or having to work from home for the Prevention of the risk of the virus

Obsession of the parents to protect the child from the corona virus and this is what prompted some to create bed air purifier

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The most important tips for parents for prevention of MERS-CoV:

Wash stuffed animals in your baby’s

Teach your children the ways of laundering the hands right

Coughing and sneezing in tissues “Kleenex” or in the Annex and not in their hands

The emphasis on the need to throw incest “wipes” after use directly in the trash bin.

Stay away from crowded places, clubs and theatres, public transport and other

Don’t try to be out and about much, unless necessary

Stop travel and trips in particular areas and interest

Keep your home clean daily

Follow the procedures of prevention and all instructions issued by the Ministry of Health for your country and always remember that your children imitate your actions.

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