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Atropine Atropine, this drug is considered anti-Colin, and works to reduce the activity of the file Colin that exists inside the central nervous system, as it relieves the pain of colic in the stomach, also reduces the secretions of gastric enzymes acid, helps atropine Atropine on slowing down the process of digestion inside the stomach, and some states are in the process of integration between the medicine maldivskie order to eliminate the diarrhea, as it relieves the pain of stomach cramps and colic resulting due to inflammation of the intestines, and atropine Atropine is one of the main parts in getting ready for surgical interventions and surgical procedure that require general anesthesia or full.

Information about the medication atropine Atropine

Atropine Atropine is considered anti-choline, and causes enlargement of the pupils, as a result of relaxation of the eye muscles, so don’t respond to light.

Classification pharmacological

Make atropine Atropine in pharmaceutical enlargement of the pupils, paralysis of ciliary muscle.


Atropine Atropine under the category of eye diseases.

Family pharmaceutical

Atropine is no longer anti-cholinergic receptor.

Storage conditions of the drug

Store Atropine, in the normal temperature, in a safe place away from children, heat and light also, packaging must be air-tight.

ما هو دواء الأتروبين

What are the forms of pharmaceutical medication atropine Atropine

Drug is available in the form of either:

  • Ointment 1%.
  • A 1% solution.

What are the indications use medication atropine Atropine

Uses Atropine in a number of medical purposes, as follows:

  1. Atropine is used during surgical procedures to the long, where it reduces the amount of secretion of the mouth, such as saliva, as well as the secretion of the bronchi.
  2. Can his treatment of slow heartbeat as a result of some medicines as well as toxic substances such as insecticide, as well as substance pilocarpine.
  3. Using the drug in cases of recovery the pulse of the heart again.
  4. Atropine controls to slow down the contractions of the heart muscle due to infection post severe heart.
  5. Atropine Atropine can walk on the muscles of the heart, speed and delays during the surgical operations.
  6. Can treat cases of food poisoning as well as poisoning from nerve gases.
  7. Atropine Atropine significantly help in the dilation of the pupil in preparation for medical diagnostics.

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What are the contraindications to use of atropine Atropine

In cases prevents the use medication atropine Atropine order to maintain the patients & cases, those cases as follows:

  • Warns against use patients with anaphylaxis.
  • Warns against use of medicine with the interests of glaucoma or glaucoma in the retina.
  • Warns to use it with the interests of lazy bowel.
  • Can’t use atropine Atropine with infected cases of prostate hyperplasia.
  • Can’t use atropine Atropine patients with myasthenia gravis.
  • Prevents the use of the drug patients with irritable bowel syndrome inflamed.

موانع إستعمال الأتروبين

What are the side effects of the drug atropine Atropine

There are some side effects and the negative effects that may show up on some cases as a result of the use of the medication, including:

  1. Some cases may suffer from severe headache and delirium
  2. Some cases get dizzy.
  3. Some people may suffer from Amplitude in the pupil of the eye and vision.
  4. Can be suffering from a rise in eye pressure.
  5. There are cases suffer from dryness and difficulty in swallowing.
  6. Happening to disturbances in the heartbeat and increases the palpitations.
  7. May occur as a result of the use of the medication redness in the face, with a rise in body temperature.
  8. May occur difficulty urinating.
  9. Some cases suffer from dry skin and it also.
  10. There are situations come when you remove body wastes.
  11. Some cases of tension and aggression.
  12. Some cases suffer from severe insomnia.

You should consult a specialist before taking the drug, for dosage of the drug appropriate as per your health condition and age.

What are the precautions in taking the medication atropine Atropine

There are some precautions must be observed during usage, which is :

  • You should tell your doctor of any medications dealt with during the period of treatment, or herbal or even dietary supplements to prevent the occurrence of chemical reactions between the medications and each other.
  • In pregnancy and lactation: it may hurt to use it to the health of both the mother and foetus and the baby, especially if the drug can penetrate the placenta and reach the fetus and influence its growth as well as access to the child through Mother’s milk, so it’s best to consult your doctor before use of the drug.
  • It’s best to take the drug with extreme caution with adults and children, and reduce doses by a physician.
  • Should take medication with great caution with persons with in blood pressure.
  • Please take medication with caution and with the interests of Down syndrome.
  • Being taking the drug with caution and with the interests of the diarrhea and urinary retention.
  • Must be very careful in taking the drug with high temperature, where the drug inhibits sweating, which increases the height of the internal body temperature.
  • The drug adversely affects the interests of a pulmonary embolism, especially if his mission to reduce bronchial secretions.
  • Must be addressed with great caution of people who suffer from an irregularity in the heartbeat, resulting in the poisoning of the thyroid gland, or heart problems and shortcomings or the failure of her surgeries.

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ما هي احتياطات تناول دواء الأتروبين

What are the drug interactions for the drug

Drug interactions: the drug is used for but chemical reactions non-specific so please consult a doctor.

What is the dose of a medication atropine Atropine


  1. Is taken to work only, first is the output of the number of the last before taking the medication.
  2. Contact lens is placed after a quarter of an hour.
  3. You should not put the contact lens if the eyes by redness and seethe.
  4. You should not touch the tip of the eye, or the eyelid or the skin.
  5. Is tilting the head towards the back then drop drops atropine Atropine in the eye.
  6. After use you should keep the eye closed.
  7. Should the pressure on the inner eye corner.
  8. You must do this for a minute, even two minutes to maintain its stay in the eye.
  9. If you use several types of drops should be separated at least 5 minutes.


  1. Uses the work only and must be the output of the contact lenses before using the medication.
  2. Can be put eye lenses back after 15 minutes.
  3. You should not put the lens of the eye again if she was suffering from agitation or redness and should not be touched.
  4. You should put the eye ointment inside the lower eyelid.
  5. Close the eye of minute and even two.
  6. You must move the eyeball circular.
  7. In the case of use of more than one kind of ointment to work, there must be a separation between them at least 10 minutes.
  8. Hands should be washed before and after use of the ointment.
  9. You must wait and not the movement of no more than 4 hours, or with the help of another if put in the eye.
  10. You should not stop the drug on your own and consult your doctor.

Brand names medication atropine Atropine

Of the names of the commercial for the drug is atropine, the cropper, the field Messenger, atropine – Alcon, ice bot atropine, atropine sulfate.

Dear reader, now you may know all the information about the drug atropine Atropine I don’t have to take medication before returning to the doctor in order to preserve it.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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