Anxiety … how serious it is and how to cure it


Anxiety is a normal reaction when it is threatened as a way to satisfy the soul. Vary the degree of anxiety in terms of severity depending on the situation, they may begin vague and flowing appearance

Physical symptoms or problems like community

Anxiety relieved with time, but it may come back again

Its symptoms

For to least severe, the symptoms in the expansion, funding and a sense of place

As for the sharp shows some of the physical symptoms and like have of his body such as difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, pressure on the chest

Not to worry, the symptoms to provide in a short time and is not serious

When anxiety occurs / not concerned about?

When the roof of your requirements are higher than normal, and happens to fail when a person loses the security, love or social organization

What happens in the brain when you have anxiety?

As we mentioned before, anxiety is a normal reaction of the central nervous system, and we can’t control it

When under threat, the brain sends signals that a person’s life in danger.

Choose the severity of the anxiety from person to person and also in different positions

Increasing concern among adolescents and less than unity with a work in progress

Anxiety treatment:

It is based on how to deal with anxiety, the more I know the positions feel to be a warrior on the handle. With time married and raised gradually.

The brain works on re-amending the standards and become less prone to anxiety.

When should I ask for help?

If the concern you too much every day so that it affects your life, don’t hesitate to seek help. And look at that failure and requested assistance requires a lot of courage. And the sooner you seek help, the better it will be. If it is hard for you to ask care of yourself, ask someone you trust to help you do just that. If you don’t find that person, you can enrol in a treatment program myself under a pseudonym without disclosing your identity

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