Analysis of the digital load, and how to read the result of the analysis home pregnancy

Load analysis or digital analysis home pregnancy is analysis, which is done by his pregnancy test at home by measuring the ratio of the pregnancy hormone beta HCG in the urine, and studies to its accuracy in confirming pregnancy during the first weeks of pregnancy since the stability of the pregnancy in the uterus.

Started using devices which can identify pregnancy in the region since 1976, has been manufacturing 15 kinds so far and feature accuracy of up to 99%, where they measure the proportion of the hormone in the urine knowing that these women could be accurately identified and measured in both the urine and blood of pregnant women after 10 days of the occurrence of pregnancy.

The mechanism of action of your pregnancy test home

Since the arrival of the fertilized egg to the uterus and indulge her within the lining of the uterus begins her cells secreting the pregnancy hormone in large quantities, so that increases in proportion of 50% daily and up to twice the value of his every 48 hours, and reaches its climax and the highest value in the tenth week of pregnancy.

Is the secretion of the pregnancy hormone in the mother’s blood at the beginning, and up to urine after about 8 days; I have been using this principle in the home appliance industry so that different types of devices but they all contain receptors sensitive to the presence of the hormone which gives the result via a color change in the device which is adopted to confirm the pregnancy or deny it. The latest devices that have been reached to help digital home appliances, which operate to determine the duration of pregnancy also.

How to use your analysis home pregnancy

  • Available devices the analysis of pregnancy in pharmacies at affordable prices and is obtained without the need of prescription from the doctor.
  • Preferred examination early in the morning so that is taken of the sample after in the middle of the urine stream after Ole, and not eating large amounts of fluids before conducting the analysis so that it is hormone Center in the urine.
  • Analysis of the digital pregnancy gives two readings first determine whether the lady is pregnant or not in the case of the presence of pregnancy show the numerical value shows the gestational age in weeks.
  • Digital device very accurately so that it corresponds the age of the fetus estimated by the export of television in the first weeks of pregnancy with Reading, which got the mother load analysis of the digital home.
  • Enjoy all the home appliances in accuracy, so that it does not give the device read positive wrong and can show positive result in the first day directly from the note Mrs. the lapse of the date of its monthly.
  • There is one other of these devices which show the two signs (||) or a signal (+) in the case of pregnancy, and one (|) or (-) in the absence of it.

You could be reading a negative but its wrong?

Is possible to indicate the Read device is the lack of a campaign but this reading does not deny the existence of pregnancy exactly where you must re-download after a few days there are a number of reasons that give negative reading wrong:

  • The conversion early, and any that are done after the cycle was delayed a few days because the concentration of the pregnancy hormone in the urine a few, and can scan selected, if I wanted to make sure of pregnancy in this period, can the commission check the pregnancy hormone in the blood.
  • In the case of an irregular menstrual cycle, or not sure of the time, prefer to wait for 14 days before the examination of the proportion of the hormone in the urine.
  • Do not use the device in the correct way and not wait for the period required for the appearance of the result.
  • To be the urine of the user in the analysis diluted the fluid is therefore preferred to conduct the analysis early in the morning.


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