Analysis of pregnancy blood when to show up? And how accurate is that?

The elements of the decision

Analysis of pregnancy blood when shows are? Question looking for the answer to every lady’s dream to achieve the dream of motherhood and wait for the result of the analysis of the pregnancy and wishes to be positive.

There are many ways to make sure pregnancy occurs, but the most accurate is the conversion through the blood to obtain a sample of Mr. and analyzed in a laboratory.

Depends blood analysis is the most accurate and the fastest to make sure of pregnancy, because the pregnancy hormone HCG is secreted at the blood first before secreted in the urine, where it appears hormone in blood after three days of fertilization of the egg.

Analysis of pregnancy blood.

Doctors are advised to conduct a load analysis via the blood to determine pregnancy or not, where is this analysis by a comparison analysis of urine analysis and pregnancy home.
There are two types of load analysis by blood, the first is the analysis of the quality of the hormone of pregnancy which gives the result positive or negative only, so confirm or deny the occurrence of pregnancy.

The second type of analysis of the blood is digital downloads which confirm or deny the occurrence of pregnancy with reference to the proportion of the pregnancy hormone in the blood numbers.

Preferably, the analysis of blood digital in the Battle of the age of the fetus, determining the stage of pregnancy accurately, calculate the expected date of delivery, as it helps to know the number of embryos, where the proportion of the hormone in the case of multiple pregnancy.

Appear as a result of pregnancy, analysis of blood after only three days of fertilization of the egg, i.e., before the date of the regular periods of about ten days.

In the case of non-proven protection prefer to wait for two days after the date of the menstrual cycle average, even more than the proportion of the pregnancy hormone in the blood.

Appear as a result of the blood analysis Digital either positive or negative, or weak positive due to the low percentage of the hormone if the analysis early.
Is usually to repeat the download again within 48 hours in the case of a positive result with twice the proportion of the hormone, if the proportion of hormone increase and multiply with it having a campaign.

When do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state?

تحليل الحمل بالدم متى يظهر ؟Analysis of pregnancy blood when to show up?

The importance of analysis of the pregnancy by blood

Is the analysis of pregnancy through the blood by taking a blood sample small to be analyzed has knowledge, and considers this analysis important for the following reasons:

– Helps analysis of pregnancy by pain in the make sure pregnancy occurs at 100 % without a doubt.
– This helps the analysis in determining the age of the fetus and the phase of pregnancy.
– This analysis is useful in the diagnosis of pregnancy is abnormal, such as molar pregnancy pregnancy outside of the uterus.
– Help this analysis in the diagnosis of probable early miscarriage.
– Help this analysis in the diagnosis of infection of the fetus with Down syndrome.
– Helps diagnosis of early pregnancy in protecting the fetus from the medical examinations which could learn her mother like examination weakened by X or taking the drugs.

The accuracy of the analysis of pregnancy blood.

Doctors prefer to rely on analysis of the pregnancy through the blood to make sure pregnancy occurs due to the accuracy of this conversion and the ratio of its accuracy to about 99 %, and the most important observations regarding precisely this analysis:

– This is characterized by the conversion as easily and in show results with great accuracy compared to the types of analysis other.

– Sometimes comes as a result of the blood analysis is negative despite the existence of the pregnancy already, and this happens in the case of the conversion procedure in very early where the percentage of the pregnancy hormone present in blood not even enough to show a positive result.

– Prefer to wait for at least a week of pollination occurs, or for a period of two days after late menstrual cycle until the result appears positive.

– If the result is negative it is recommended to repeat the analysis after about 48 hours, where the proportion of hormone pregnancy in this period sufficient to show a positive outcome.

– May show a positive result despite the absence of a pregnancy, this result is false and in some rare cases that you receive where the drugs contain the pregnancy hormone as in the case of treatment of the contract and get the medicine tonic for spawning.

Signs of fertilization of the egg and the beginning of the pregnancy

تحليل الحمل بالدم متى يظهرAnalysis of pregnancy blood when appears

Analysis of pregnancy blood when shows are? A question we tried to answer them with you to help any lady trying to make sure pregnancy occurs looking for an accurate way to tell her the outcome of pregnancy and age of fetus, date of Birth expected by high accuracy assured compared to the types of analysis other.

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