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Medication naloxone Naloxone is an opioid of morphine, bed, or codeine, and the use of medication is essential in case of emergencies, and overdose of these opioids, lead to process inhibition organs central nervous system as well as the respiratory system.

Using naloxone Naloxone in cases of poisoning of persons with opioid, and is used in emergency treatment of poisoning, it is done through injection and its effect appears within a few minutes, it is also available in the form of tablets, to treat pain moderate to severe, and the drug responsible for the Prevention of constipation, which is the result of ingesting opiates.

What is the medication naloxone Naloxone is?

  • Usage: used in the treatment of cases of poisoning by opiates, poisoning, emergency, and pains of moderate to severe following a merger with other drugs.
  • Classification of Drug: think the drug Dre, from the category of toxicology.
  • Storage and conservation: save the medication in a secure place away from children, sun, heat, and humidity also.
  • Scientific name : Naloxone
  • Active substance : Naloxone HCl also here



What are the forms of the pharmaceutical drug naloxone Naloxone is?

Figure pharmacological drug naloxone Naloxone is as follows:

  • Ampoules concentration of 0.4 mg / 1 ml.
  • Tablets.

What are the reasons for the use of the medication naloxone Naloxone is?

Is the use of medication in the treatment of these pathological cases:

  • Uses medication also Naloxone in the treatment of addiction, and through it as an effect of opiates such as morphine, diamorphine, codeine, as well as pethidine, propoxyphene, and methadone.
  • The drug is used in the treatment of symptoms of poisoning that results from eating any drug drugs, such as morphine, pethidine, diamorphine, codeine, as well as propoxyphene and methadone.
  • He can control the situation and decrease the functions of the reproductive organs that result from eating high doses of opiate drugs, controlled by the addiction or pathological conditions that need medication opioid significantly due to the intense pain, such as cancer.
  • Can control through his cases of disorder of the respiratory functions in children following the birth process.
  • Used drug in the treatment of the symptoms of anesthesia that are caused by surgical operations.

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What are the contraindications of the use of the medication naloxone Naloxone is?

Prevents the use of medication in certain pathological conditions, to avoid the occurrence of side effects as a result of Use and consume, including:

  • Prevents the use of medication during pregnancy, because it may affect the embryo occurs health problems for the mother.
  • Prevents the use of the drug during breastfeeding, because transmitted through breast milk to the baby, and a healthy baby, so I prefer to use it after the expiration of the period of breastfeeding.
  • You should not use the drug with of people who suffer from allergies to medical drugs, or medication naloxone Naloxone specifically to avoid the symptoms and side effects resulting.
  • Before any surgery you must tell your doctor if you eat also Naloxone, so as not to affect the drug.

What are the side effects of the drug naloxone Naloxone is?

May appear some side effects as a result of the use of medical drugs, and side effects resulting from the use of the medication naloxone Naloxone, what comes:

  • You may suffer some cases of syndrome symptoms refrain from eating the boat movie, including a stop in the heart muscle.
  • High blood pressure, the occurrence of disorders in the heart.
  • Irritation occurs or redness in the body or skin.
  • Some cases of its.
  • The occurrence of cramps in the abdomen.
  • Some cases suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Of symptoms resulting from the use of Parkinson’s disease, sweating, vomiting.
  • May show some symptoms of edema in the lung.



What are the precautions to the use of the drug naloxone Naloxone is?

You should be careful and observe a few requirements and caveats as a result of the use of the medication, of these requirements:

  • You should use the medication with great caution in patients with renal failure, and my liver, etc.
  • You should use the medication with great caution with children.
  • You should take the drug with caution with the elderly because they are more sensitive to medical drugs.
  • You should be careful of the installation resulting from the opioid compounds and effect following the conduct of operations.
  • You should use this drug with caution with pregnant women, because it’s transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, and causes no health problems and damage.
  • You should use the medication with great caution in the case of breastfeeding, as the medication through the milk to the infant resulting in health problems.
  • You should use the medication with great caution patients with nervous system who took large doses of opioid compounds, or suffer from addiction.
  • You must keep when you use with heart patients, and those suffering from heart disease or circulatory disorders, or even stress patients.
  • You should be careful and respect when use of the drug with suffering from disorders of the heart beat.
  • In the case of infants you should consult a doctor in case of intake by the mother or even during pregnancy or any drugs of the opioid compounds or have a problem in the lung or liver or even heart or kidney.

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What are the drug interactions drug naloxone Naloxone is?

Might do some trading of Chemical among drugs and each other as a result of the use of the medication, and these cases what comes up:

  • You should tell your doctor of any medications dealt with or even herbal or dietary supplements during the period of taking the medication, to prevent the trading of chemical reaction between the medications and each other.
  • In the case dealt with any of these medicinal drugs that may occur the trading of chemical reaction between them and also Naloxone you should tell your doctor immediately, and these drugs barbiturates, methohexital, and buprenorphine, and in this case is to modify the dosing or stop the medication or to take action to spare the other.



What is the dosage of naloxone Naloxone for children and adults?

Dosage : in the case of intravenous injection to treat poisoning opioids:

  1. In the case of adults : the dose concentration of 0.4 to 2 A, it is possible to repeat the dose of 2 to 3 minutes, maximum is 10 mg.
  2. In the case of children: is eating a concentration of 0.01 mg per kg of weight of the child, and the maximum limit is 0.1 mg per kg of the weight of the child.

Way to grow: the drug is tablets, and injection.

Number of doses: in the case of injections to be given once

The beginning of the event: start with the effectiveness of the drug in the case of injection rapidly in two minutes.

Nutrition: there is no problem in eating different food.

Brand names drug naloxone Naloxone

Brand names for reasons of naloxone Naloxone is Naxos, the Naxos of NAXONE 0.02 MG-ML INJ 2ML, and also, the nice NAXONE 0.4 MG-ML INJ .

Dear reader now, as you know all the details about the medication naloxone Naloxone, don’t take the medication without consulting your doctor risky to your health.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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