Alopecia areata: the answers to all the questions that interest you

Often notify us a lot of questions about alopecia areata, and we need to do a lot of things vague about the disease, and especially to those who suffer from it.

What is alopecia areata

Alopecia areata has been called the “alopecia areata” is a skin disease caused by the resistance of the immune system to the hair follicles and thus lead to his downfall from his roots in all areas of the body, and is classified as medical (Autoimmune diseases).

Most cases show the incidence in a certain area of the body on the body chamber, where the flaking of the hair only and not her, but there are other cases aggravated and come to feel the whole body.

And start of infection with the Fox when you say white blood cells “immune system cells” resistance to the cells of the hair follicles and help double its ability to produce hair or maintain hair already existing Vita flaking from its source.

And so far there is no scientific reason has been discovered by doctors to explain the occurrence of this disease, but some have suggested that it may be due to a variety of genes.

ما هو مرض الثعلبة

The groups most likely to develop alopecia areata

Although the first category in terms of infection and most of them are children, but this disease may affect any individual of all age groups, since some have suggested that because of the genes as what happened to a family member, it is possible to get it also.

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Hair loss is indicator of the diagnosed with a serious

It may be said here that the alopecia areata disease normal can treat it and recover from it, as it does not cause any pain or symptoms suggestive of force, but simply the occurrence of the people and the abduction of The Shape of the individual is the fundamental reason behind the effect on the mental state of the patient.

In addition, the loss of hair from certain areas such as the eyes, ears, cause germs and dirt to these members, and usually one of the causes of infection is the presence of an autoimmune disease such as diabetes.

تساقط الشعر هل مؤشر على إصابتي بمرض خطير

Are my kids gonna like you with a Fox

May be transmitted disease Fox genetically, but it is not reasons which have been confirmed, most affected children do not have their parents history with this disease, and vice versa.

What causes infection with the Fox

There is no definitive answer to this question, all I can mention is that one of the researchers believes that the reason is due to a group of genes that are from some individuals with experience some environmental causes are different, but we in the end not to promise to him from within the genetic disease.

Is it possible to the growth of hair again.

Certainly there are opportunities to grow your hair again, and that follow-up on appropriate treatment as decided by the competent doctor, but it may fall again, where you choose the severity of the disease from one individual to another, in terms of getting rid of the disease permanently.

Might get some disease in the region of small circular loses its hair then come back without leaving any trace of the disease, while others don’t leave the disease never the growth of his hair back to fall again.

How to cure alopecia areata

There is no cure for a fool or a fixed reliable for Fox, so it’s best to follow up with the doctors laboratory, where treatment depends on a combination of drugs to give positive results.

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And there are some procedures that help in getting rid of the disease as much as possible:

  • Apply sunscreen on the scalp and face to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • With wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from the rays of the Sun also.

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