Allergic symptoms of the nose, throat and chest

The symptoms of allergic rhinitis of the things that intimidated her patients, they occur as a result of a feeling of the immune system by the about some of the effects, when you try to confront them identify the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, and symptoms are similar to the extent of congruence with the symptoms of influenza, but these symptoms go away once you fight these effects, and also types of influenza and other help in the occurrence of symptoms of allergic rhinitis, and doctors to eliminate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis not eliminate the allergy directly, the most important methods of protection are stay away from those effects which produce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, Where does the doctor give the patient some instructions, which works as a healthy.

The definition of allergy

Is a wrap of the immune system towards some effects have a patient’s allergies, and moved some things which are by nature not affecting a lot of people (such as pollen, fungi and some foods), and since the immune system of one of his tasks is the elimination of all risk facing the body but sometimes creating counter items which because it produces allergy symptoms such as symptoms of allergic rhinitis examples of these antibodies is(histamine)

Allergic rhinitis

Is the damaged membranes of the interior of the nose, and the treatment of symptoms of allergic rhinitis as a result of the implementation of the patient for substances which when inhaled appears to have symptoms of allergic rhinitis after a few minutes ranging to a period between five to fifteen minutes, these allergies a lot of other names and we come to the most important of these designations, namely (allergic rhinitis-fever, hay).

أسباب حساسية الأنف

Causes of allergic rhinitis

Of the leading causes of disease in the individual and the symptoms of allergic rhinitis is the factor of genetic heredity, so if your family member is sick with hay fever Vickers ratio you ill be high, pollen is the motivating factor to the symptoms of allergies which the individual gets from the air during the seasons of growing and pollinating some plants during the atmosphere on a hot summers increase the proportion of the appearance of symptoms of allergic rhinitis, depending on the atmosphere of a wet winter and a possible hernia of the proportion of onset of symptoms, your allergies, and also of the reasons for the emergence of symptoms of allergic rhinitis is the effects that exist to the environment surrounding the individual, such as dust, mold and smoke people and some animals..

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Symptoms of allergic rhinitis

There are many symptoms that show the owners of the skinny straw, and the most important the following; inflammation of the top of the mouth and the tumor below the eye and feeling light-headed, headaches, injury to the patient right in the eye, nose, skin, runny nose and sneezing and feeling of the individual one of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis Z, you have to go to the doctor immediately.

Protective factors of allergic rhinitis

An individual can do to protect and improve to stay about the same likelihood of developing hay fever is the most important of those means; try to keep the same individual about the factors that injury the symptoms of allergic rhinitis that by controlling the surrounding environment through the locks of any openings inside your home or car provisions, especially in the pollination of some flowers and plants, and the areas filled garden in the spring and summer because this is the time of the reproduction of the plant and the pollen in the air, in the interest of the patient I have removed from pets that cause allergies such as cats and birds, And keep the sleeping bags clean and away from dust and dirt not to bring that sensitivity in a direct manner and in the appearance of symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

The sensitivity of the larynx

The symptoms of allergic laryngitis

I’m allergic to milk of more types of allergies are common and widespread they make the patient feel severe pain in the throat which makes him lose control of its causes, which occur as a result of an immune system response to certain stimuli that stimulate allergies, and next to the pain felt by the patient also feels the violence and the region surrounding the throat, cough and feeling the permanent need to itchy eyes and sometimes a feeling of difficulty in the possibility of transformation.

Types of allergic laryngitis

There are several kinds of the sensitivity of the throat of them; pollen allergy this allergy appears in the growing plant or in spring, sensitivity to dust, this allergy feel some individuals severe pain because of the kinds of dust and various surrounding them, the sensitivity and animals, in particular pets such as cats and dogs that requires change her hair, allergic to cigarette smoke as it is felt some individuals suffocated when implementing or smell the comfort of the cigarette smoke particularly in confined spaces the gas Open.

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Treatment of allergic laryngitis

To avoid the effects and the factors that cause these allergic reactions such as types of dust, various fumes, animal dander such as cats, dogs and birds, and the provisions to lock the windows in the house and the car to move away from the effects of allergens or wearing protective on the outside during the seasons that are spread by allergy symptoms, if not the individual will be able to do prevention, you have to resort to medical treatment provided the medication or take injections of anti-anti-histamine or use nasal sprays.

The sensitivity of the chest

To allergies of the chest is a sensitive implementation, namely the so-called medical called Of The Lord or in English asthma, this allergy that affects the airway that convey air to and from lung in this sensitivity picks up the airways swell making the ratio of large to get symptoms of asthma, and when you know one of the lungs of any of the symptoms of allergies, the bronchial tubes narrow making the task of crossing the air a difficult process.

حساسية الصدر

Allergic symptoms chest

If symptoms of asthma is not fixed, but vary according to the individuals where they can be ordinary some thing to someone and to someone the other represent some risk to his life because it can affect everyday work, as some stylists with asthma are exposed to many attacks which do not impact adult in their daily lives, they can set their own activities, and some difficulty in breathing feeling of choking and needs to use Oxygen apparatus to the possibility of regulation of breathing, some individuals are having difficulty in sleeping because of those allergies.

Prevention of sensitivity of the chest

The patient understand that there is no particular way to stay away from asthma but it can be no fortifications to protect himself from such injury, adherence to the guidelines set by her doctor to deal with asthma, and serum pneumonia to reduce the incidence.

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Spring allergy

Causes of spring allergy

There are many causes for the occurrence of spring allergies including dust, various fungi, and certain foods, and sometimes these allergies as a result of failure to accept the body of individuals for the transition period from separation to the last not to accept an individual’s immune system to external stimuli is not like a vaccine plant dander pet.

Symptoms of spring allergy

There are many symptoms that appear on a satisfactory account of the spring, where these allergies on the image of the coughing and sneezing frequent itchiness around sometimes in comes in a crisis of implementation, such as asthma or frequent teardrop eye in this chapter.

حساسية الربيع

Seasonal allergies

The causes of seasonal allergies

Most individuals get stuck in some seasons to injury with seasonal allergies, such as sensitivity of the spring that feels sick as a result of season of the multiplication of the vaccine, and the emergence of symptoms of allergies, such as itching in the nose, the skin, the appearance of some signs and on the body.

Allergic sinusitis

Symptoms of allergic sinusitis

When the swelling of the empty places inside of the nose, head, sinusitis and many of these symptoms that characterize the allergic reactions, such as inflammation of the nose, and a weak possibility of smell, taste, and runny nose.

حساسية الجيوب الأنفية

After learning about the symptoms of allergic rhinitis if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or anyone close to you, you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

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