After the withdrawal of the ” Harry and Megan ” of royal life … this might be the motives of the decision!

هاري وميغان

هاري وميغان

Dear reader-up story get rid of Harry and Megan about the royal life.. here we are not talking about the exchange of property within the Buckingham Palace, nor the wrath of the Queen Mother or her satisfaction with the decision of her grandson, Prince Harry, the owner of “Royal Highness previously”, and is published by the tabloids about the ongoing conflict between Kate and Megan, and will not ask you what class you’re in!

We’re just having the psychological aspect which “may” be one of the factors to get rid of Harry and Megan for the life of the king and of which “may” be we have most of the people, and in fact we paid our curiosity to search more to find out if psychological stress in this story “one of” the factors that turned the couple’s life is turned upside down.

The story of the withdrawal of Harry and Megan, I started a statement!

If you follow the account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex official on Instagram, then you certainly have read historical statement which announced the withdrawal of the prince and his wife from the royal life and the consequent responsibilities, titles, money, etc., to remember together the most important what came in the statement:

الامير هاري وميغان

الامير هاري وميغان

“After several months of thinking and internal discussions, we chose to do this year, to move to a new role within this institution, we are determined to undo as members of “prominent” of the royal family and for the physical stability, while continuing to provide full support to Her Majesty The Queen”

It was announced Prince Harry is explicitly and clearly abandoning his whole life long lived by the title and style of life totally different from what is coming! It added in a statement about the intention of the spouses also change the place of living to be between North America and Britain!

Why did you give Harry for his future club?

As we mentioned previously, dear reader, I won’t talk in detail about the conflict of ownership of The dealt with health, but the psychological part of which may be behind this decision influencer push our curiosity to look for what can to pay people as long as he lived the title of life no doubt there are many in this world they always dreamed about.. (if not of them, may be the person next to you or in front of you now)

Clash of the press and Megan.. and a fear of repeating the fate of the princess mother “Diana”

Well most likely heard about the story of the death of Prince Diana, mother of Prince Harry, shopping and the dramatic incident that began the prosecution of the bankers “paparazzi” in her car, and ends up hitting a horrible over death of the princess mother.

Harry was only 12 years old when his mother died, but he did not forget the details of the incident, and did not forget how to cause some bankers in the death of the person dearest in his life, by the end of the study impressive, the world is still talking about it to now.

Harry, “I have a family saved!”

Renewed talk again about the accident of Princess Diana after Harry in a television interview with emotion for his little family that owns it now and expressed (for fear of repeating the same fate of his mother) with his wife! Well here may be the bottom line, and one of the important reason that prompted the couple to make the decision shocking, and he fear for the safety of his family!

Fear on the family.

No one can blame a person on trying to maintain his family and their safety, the anniversary of the bad that stuck with Harry since the death of his mother was the editor for taking such a decision is shocking.. just the site of Psychology Today can lead to anxiety and fear to further negotiation in respect of goods that cause a feeling of tension greater.

And anxiety always makes us expect that the worst is already happening, and sometimes may increase it up to the brain’s inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, but remains a concern a double-edged sword is also the natural or logical, it can be useful to look for different solutions to a problem.

Some research studies also found that anxiety and fear can enter a person’s cycle of depression and anxiety all the time, and the search for meaning and value to their lives, but may end up focusing on the past and blame themselves! Is that what happened with Prince Harry? The memory of past death of his mother, which accompanies him always, and his fear of guilt toward his family in the event of repetition of the same factory! No one knows, but we are trying to search for an answer only.

Megan.. a continuous struggle with the father and the media!

Read Harry and Megan shocking, but not surprising! Are you amazed at that? Yeah, it’s not surprising for people traffickers of past events and the ocean by a duo since their marriage! And how was the “mother Megan,” the role of unemployment in these events.

One of the cards played by the press against Megan was a tense relationship between her and her father since the preparation of the wedding ceremonies and even the letter that I sent to Megan and evaluation of the public, and ending with the lifting of Harry and Megan filed a lawsuit on the press!

Here we take “by Megan of the story“, we find that instead of being a father supportive of his daughter but on the contrary we find here part of the pressure is being applied by the Press that has guided the criticism of her continuously since her marriage, and in fact is not what matters to us if that criticism is true or not or that you are from the party kit or from the party of Megan, but do we care to highlight that some can’t handle that pressure!

The loss of a son or daughter supporting a parent affects you significantly, especially the psychological part that protrudes in the decision of the person in life.

Acclimated to Megan with the new responsibilities is not easy.. at all!

Can we add to the above is also a difference Life Style which was set by Megan before it is linked with the prince, and the responsibilities accompanying her husband them, and the necessity of their commitment and adherence to standards of ownership strict, stable control of the media to her husband the grandson of the second to the Queen Mother!

It crossed Megan herself in a television interview recently conducted with her about her grief of not seeing the people behind the scenes, but she described it (conflict) with all of the media supplements are not, and adapt to the marriage life and property, and their new role as a mother!

Here we can say that adjusting to a totally new situation with different responsibilities, you might be born a kind of psychological pressure which didn’t turn his Megan, may not be realized by others, too, are in the end the capacity.

Not all people like each other not only in its responsibilities and its ability to control or cope, and can be pressure sometimes as a result of the high performance required of a person to play, even if you must suffer with the people and the environment is tough!

Classified website Psychology Today that there are some people more vulnerable to pressure from others as a result of the nature of the responsibilities required of them, and these for example but not limited to ( persons responsible for other individuals, and the persons responsible for saving the lives of others) and by the way, I have Harry and Megan, community consultations for many of the charities responsible for changing the lives of others.

In the end..

We would like to emphasize again we’re not with a party against the other, we just tried our access to what could be the motives or psychological reasons pushed Harry and Megan deal about the life of princes all her money and what we need, but faith in democracy and to prove good intentions, can you, dear reader, share your opinion with us.. what the motives behind the decision of Harry and Megan to withdraw from the life of ownership?

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