Add to your diet the best foods to strengthen nails

Is often that the nail is a measure of the overall health of the body, since the body sends the nutrients first to the vital organs, the nails are the last member receives. so if your body is suffering from malnutrition will be your fingertips you information about this point.

Even if you have a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that your nails do not suffer from problems such as certain diseases that may affect or low rates of growth, so if eating foods that contain the nutrients the nails can help you get the sweeter and stronger the nail away from any problem that might cause in her weakness, so come with us and learn the most important and best foods that help to strengthen nails.


Grow nails naturally at a rate of 2 mm per month, depending on many factors such as age, activity level and heredity.

Grow fingernails faster than toe nails, as it is in summer be a shade faster than the winter.

Playing the skin under the nail, which consists of connective tissue and blood vessels and nerves play a role in feeding the exposed part of the nail.

And nails is not just a member of the boast of its beauty and its that brings the hands and it is more than that you should do your best to maintain your health and strengthen.

You don’t need to make the utmost effort to maintain it, but enough to move it to a balance diet you eat, you’ll be in the end satisfied with the result, you need to strengthen the nails internally by the addition of some nutrients that you need to improve the strength of your nails and your health.

Nails like hair are the mirror of our health and any problems in the body such as insomnia, fatigue , unhealthy nutrition and will have an effect on the nails so that they become the nails brittle and weak.

The best foods to strengthen nails

Foods that help to grow nails faster and we have selected for you some of the nutrients that you need to improve the strength of your nails and your health in general:


Such as almonds, walnuts and other types of nuts that contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals that contribute to strengthen bones andstrengthen nails and prevent breaking it.

Language focus is the best option because it contains higher amounts of vitamin E , magnesium, and calcium compared with other nuts.


It’s one of the healthiest foods that maintain general health because high levels of vitamin (D) in this fish helps the body’s absorption of more calcium which will help increase in the absorption of calcium to stimulate bone growth and increase the strength of the nail.

Salmon is full of vitamins, proteins, renewable if your nails are dry and opaque may suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency so you can address this problem by using salmon, which contains large amount of vitamin B12.

Eating salmon this means that your body absorbs vitamin B12 to strengthen your nails at the same time your intake of vitamin D to grow rapidly.

Put the fish in your diet of all kinds will make your nails always transparent, stable and shiny.

So instead of choosing red meat to eat salmon at least twice a week, if that’s possible for you.


Needs yogurt with flavors regular and yogurt high-fat minerals booster to strengthen nails from the protein , eggs protein , iron, magnesium , potassium , calcium, and vitamin D.

Sunflower seeds:

In addition to being a healthy snack will help to quiet sleep they contain high levels of magnesium that helps growth of nails.


Rich Group B vitamins, protein and zinc this powerful combination promotes the growth of nails , hair and skin.

If the lack of protein in the diet makes the nails weak and brittle and if you are a vegetarian and do not eat meat, you can get the amino acids you need from vegetables and various fruits.

Pumpkin seeds:

Very good food for the health of the nails because it is rich in vitamin E, zinc and fibre which is alkaline in the sense that it tries to inflammation in the body.


Contains nettle vitamins and minerals good for strengthening nails and hair.

You should know that nails and hair are made of creatine, Nettle on the form of capsules available in pharmacies is of the most powerful foods to strengthen nails so you can use it or you can also prepare a tea from the dried herb by adding a few of these herbal dry into a cup of boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes and then drink it.

Apple cider vinegar:

You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water and your fingertips in this mixture for ten minutes and then wash your hands with lukewarm water where you can do this once a week to strengthen your nails.

The House:

A good option to strengthen nails because it contains high proportion of protein and increases the production of creatine, in addition to minerals found in the egg yolk keep the skin shade of the damp and conditions.

It is known that creatine is very important for the health of the nails and eat egg can produce enough creatine in the body, while the egg yolk and skin back the whiteness animates the dead parts of the nail.

Whole grains:

Whole grains are a friend to the nails because they contain a lot of biotin so that the whole grains such as flour , oatmeal or brown rice contain high levels of biotin (vitamin B8) and increase the strength of the nail.

The combination of this vitamin with complex carbohydrates in the grain gives regeneration for the growth of the nails again, so eating foods that we need on whole grains when you feel that your nails weak.

Red meat:

Red meat, enhance the proportion of iron in the body, and we all know that iron deficiency makes the nails delicate and fragile and weak.

Can lack of iron in the body that makes the nail dry and brittle, in addition to distorted.

In addition, the language is resistant red contain a lot of protein and iron meeting with protein is a powerful way to confront the fragility of weakened nails.


Cranberry types, specifically blue berries contains antioxidants help restore cells damaged nails and reduce the inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail.


Spinach salad raw is a good friend to the health of the body and strengthened good for your nails.

Flash is one of those vegetables rich in calcium and iron and antioxidants that help strengthen and replenish the nails, it is best to eat spinach raw in a salad.

Brewer’s yeast:

Brewer’s yeast will help to strengthen nails as containing the tablets Brewer’s yeast contains large amounts of silicon which are among the minerals that strengthen the blood flow to the scalp and skin.

It also help beer yeast by increasing the production speed of the pellets to strengthen nails and prevent breaking it.

These supplements are also effective in the Prevention of cancer.

However you have to realize that these pills increase the appetite to a certain extent if you have had an overdose of food, you might get obesity unwanted.

Foods that contain vitamins C and B:

Vitamin C in the body increases the absorption of iron from foods, to take advantage of the beneficial effects of vitamin C on the body you can eat foods containing vitamin C with foods containing vitamin E, because vitamin E is another vitamin effective in maintaining healthy nail growth as it improves blood flow leads to improved oxygen and become stronger nails.

Is considered the vitamins of Group B such as vitamin B1 is also effective in Healthy Nail Growth where it can cause a B vitamin deficiency abnormalities of the nail.

Foods that contain zinc:

Zinc is useful for strengthening nails as an important food item in the health of nails and the brightness of the nails.

It’s also good to take zinc tablets as complementary, as it is significantly in the red meat and white meat which can provide the body is zinc needed including hair, nails, and zinc deficiency in the body in addition to causing hair loss, makes the nails weak and brittle.

Plays zinc is an important role in the production of protein which is essential for the growth of the tissues of the body and health including the growth of nails and strengthen them.

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