A week late menstrual cycle to Homestead and delay

اسباب تاخر الدورة الشهرية للعزباء

A week late menstrual cycle to Homestead, women do not differ much on the possible causes of late life when you are married, so we’ll know them by the following lines, to know what is normal and what may be a serious indicator.

The menstrual cycle in girls

PMs are intended for the first day of menstruation until the first day of the next life, which offers mostly with the 28 days, but it may vary from girl to another, with between 21 to 35 days, in case it’s too late. think there is a delay in the occurrence of menstrual cycle imposed.

In the case of interruption of the menstrual cycle for about 3 months in a row, you know this case interruption of the menstrual cycle (amenorrhea), and this condition affects 3-4 % of women.

A week late menstrual cycle singles women

There are some different reasons that lead to delayed menstrual cycle, if pregnancy of the main causes of the strong potential when married women, however, the situation is different when the unmarried girls, and months w delayed menstruation:

Changes weight

Lose or gain time significantly and proudly the clear, you may cause hormonal imbalances, which in turn may have a role in changing the dates of the menstrual cycle or delayed, but you don’t have to continue it for a long time.

Psychological pressure

Feeling stress for not a short, it may affect the brain and production of hormones, which in turn may affect the process of ovulation or PMS, so it is important to recognize how to get rid of stress and tension, lack of influence on the body.

Disorders of the thyroid gland

When an imbalance in the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, it will allow several disorders including: hypothyroidism, or overactive thyroid, both cases can affect the regularity of menstrual cycle, which causes a delay sometimes, there are some symptoms that you should pay attention to not in every case, so you can learn in detail on:

In both cases, the physician will request necessary tests to make sure, and you can learn more information about the causes of delayed menstrual cycle.

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The causes of delayed menstruation and treatment

There are other reasons that may be behind the delayed and irregular menstrual cycle of girls, including:

  • Syndrome polycystic ovarian.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Eating disorders.
  • The practice of violent sports or exertion plus.
  • The intake of hormonal pills.
  • Some chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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Treatment of delayed menstrual cycle

Some life changes in your system, it may make a difference and help solve some of the causes of the delay State for time, and these simple ways that you can do:

  • Attention to exercise, in order to maintain your weight.
  • Attention to a healthy diet.
  • Some herbal drinks may help such as, licorice root and turmeric, but you should consult a doctor, you may be no harmful side effects.

If the reason is due to the satisfactory condition, of the mentioned cases, will be different treatment that may be prescribed by your doctor, including some types of medications of each case, but you must know that you should not eat any of them without first consulting your doctor.

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When should I consult a doctor?

There are some symptoms that you should pay attention in case of their appearance, and the index of a problem you need to treat different, and these symptoms:

  • Bleeding sharply abnormal.
  • High temperature (fever).
  • Feeling a sharp pain.
  • The feeling of vomiting or nausea.
  • Length of bleeding for more than 7 days.

In the case of the appearance of these symptoms, consult a doctor competent to basis is appropriate, and thus prescribe appropriate treatment.

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