A way to speed up the birth in the ninth month

طريقة تسريع الولادة في الشهر التاسع

Pregnancy journey from the most difficult what you may pass on the mother, using the journey of pregnancy for nine months the mother through her many difficult changes and so much to embrace her child, but this moment is possible to pass some difficulties and need some factors to speed up the birth process. We compared our method to speed up the birth in the ninth month and many other information.

A way to speed up the birth in the ninth month naturally

There are many ways that facilitates and accelerates the process of childbirth it is Ways medical and non-medical, we will now the natural way:

Relax and de-stress

Work stress to increase the secretion of adrenaline in the body, which works on the configuration of the anti-hormone methods and childbirth. So be careful to get rid of stress and increase a sense of calm and relaxation whether it is by listening to music or doing some exercise or whatever way you like.

Ball State

Helps to use the birthing ball on the improvement of the status of the fetus, is coming off the bottom of the basin in the developed state, as it also benefits the pelvic muscles and relieve lower back pain.


Recommended to start when you’re about to start Birth stage, where it helps the to activate the embryo to the head in the pelvic area and the cervix.

Marital relationship

Talk about a way to speed up the birth in the ninth month it is important things in the ninth month is the marital relationship, which contribute to the breadth of the neck of the vagina in the ninth month and accelerate the process of road, also increase the secretions of the anabolic steroid to the uterus which helps to speed up the road.

Breast massage

Helps massage the breast daily to increase the secretion of the hormone ways to childbirth, which accelerates and facilitates the process of childbirth.

Tonic of uterine natural to speed up the birth

There are a lot of tonic and uterine natural found in foods or beverages which speed up the process of birth, including the following:

  • Dates and drink in the third and final stage of pregnancy.
  • Tea Leaves of the Cranberry, which has a tonic muscle of the uterus and its birth.
  • Drinking chamomile daily basis helps to open the cervix and speed up the road.
  • Drink cinnamon, which is considered a tonic of the uterus.
  • Drink discarded helps to strengthen the uterus.
  • Fenugreek and molasses is also a natural stimulant of the uterus.
  • Drink feverfew in the morning and says the roads and the state.
  • Eating some fruit helps the body the secretion of enzymes thinning of the cervix and the period of the review, including pineapple and mango.

Which it is worth mentioning that, although these methods only natural that you should consult a doctor first before you do and before eating any foods speed up the birth.

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A way to speed up the birth in the ninth month medical

After talking about natural ways to speed up the process of birth, we’ll talk now about the medical methods that help to facilitate the process of birth:

Dilation of the cervix

Intended in this way to help the cervix to be distinguished by a catheter containing a balloon through the introduction of the material to absorb water.

Cut the bag peace

Through the hole of the bag to improve the process of Labor.

Stripping membranes

This method is based on separating the amniotic sac from the membranes that connect it to the uterine wall which stimulates the process of Labor.

Medication motivational states

There are some drugs which are injected either intravenously or use the vagina to help to accelerate process of childbirth.

At the end of our article about the way to speed up the birth in the ninth month of us have been to many natural ways and medical to accelerate and stimulate the process of birth and many other information.

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