A home pregnancy test by vinegar

A home pregnancy test through the website cart health notice some of the married ladies or women who did not survive after menstrual periods of time, but is afraid to go to the temple for a blood test or sonar detection to not feel disappointed, and here we found you ma’am easy ways very from home pregnancy tests to reassure your heart before going to the temple.


A home pregnancy test guaranteed

Revealed some of the doctors that the results of a home pregnancy guaranteed 99% but on condition that the woman might have the following steps to process a home pregnancy test correctly, if you want to do this Test at home you must follow the following:

  • You should not be conducting the analysis of home while taking medications that help prevent pregnancy.
  • Do the test after the absence of menstrual period for at least a week.
  • Take a urine sample in early morning to be the concentration of the hormone glands and the placenta of the “HCG” out loud.
  • Knowing the period specified to obtain the test results, because each type of tests. Home differs from the other.

Min tried the pregnancy test away

Is considered a home pregnancy test to drive on some of the scientific evidence that help women figure out if the lady is pregnant or not, where Paul has the pregnant lady on the gonadal hormone, human placenta is the “HCG” which is as follows:

  • When pregnancyprevents the hormone melting sugar in urine pregnant lady, and works on a farm in sugar and accumulates in the bottom of the vase test.
  • In the case of lack of this hormone: in a woman’s urine, the sugar naturally dissolved in the liquid, and does not occur conglomerate and relieves the diabetics from the bottom of the vase test.

Way work pregnancy test drive

Prefer to follow these steps correctly, until the results proven correct:

  • You should take a urine sample in early morning to be the concentration of the hormone is too high.
  • Placed 3 tablespoons of sugar in another container, clean, dry, preferably sterile.
  • Is add half a cup of urine in a vase of sugar.
  • Stir the sugar well, then leave for at least five minutes until the sugar begins to discharge.
  • When the passage of about 10 minutes exactly, must be considered meticulously to be sure, if the net there is nothing in the bottom of the container sugar, it shows a negative result, i.e. that you are not pregnant.
  • If the found clusters and the accumulation of authority in law and not melting it, it shows the positive result which you were pregnant.

A home pregnancy test services

Prove a home pregnancy test service results are impressive too and this is the testimony of some women who tried this test, which is as follows:

  • Take a urine sample early in the morning, as we knew from previous.
  • Bring the vase is clean, sterile with 3 drops of white vinegar.
  • Also add 3 drops of urine on the back, then wait for 10 minutes only.
  • If you notice Ms change in the color of the sample to a dark yellow color, it refers to the occurrence of a pregnancy.
  • If you change the color of the sample, remained as it is this indicates you are not pregnant.

This was a home pregnancy test we are pleased to receive all inquiries about pregnancy tests by commenting below the article.

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