7 causes of low blood pressure and symptoms that you should watch out for.

Background low blood pressure

Know your blood pressure, that force which is measured by the blood from the walls of the blood vessels during a dash through them after the heart pumps it around the body organs different and read the two first represent the systolic pressure and have a higher value and the other represents the diastolic pressure.

Must be the definition of low blood pressure in a minute it could be sudden, and refers to the pathological condition when some of the people and accompanied by a range of symptoms may be normal when other people and do not show any symptoms suggest low blood pressure in general is defined as the pressure that will be reading it less than 60 / 90 mm Hg.

The causes of low pressure

There are many reasons that cause low blood pressure and usually not very important so that they are transverse and do not use for long periods particularly when you stand suddenly from sitting position or lying down but low blood pressure is considered an indicator of many pathological conditions some of which are life-threatening, such as:

  1. Anything leading to bleeding blood.
  2. Weakening of the heart muscle and diseases of the valves, which may cause a lack of blood falling from the heart to the members of the body.
  3. Anemia.
  4. Medications such as: diuretics, drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson’s disease).
  5. Dehydration associated with vomiting or severe diarrhea or burns.
  6. Problems of the nervous system self-or automatic.
  7. Pregnancy causes a pressure drop in the physiological due to decreased peripheral vascular resistance the blood rushing through them.

The symptoms of low pressure

Define the symptoms of low pressure as a result of the lack of promotion of the body’s vital organs with oxygenated blood and important nutrients for its work and that members of vulnerable and impressionable down blood pressure and decrease of ischemia: the brain and kidneys in the case of decreased systolic pressure less than 70 mm Hg may lead to permanent damage to the brain or kidneys.

There are a lot of symptoms of low pressure, but we’ll talk about the most important signs and symptoms that indicate hypotension :

  1. Feeling dizzy or dizziness.
  2. Blurred vision.
  3. Confusion and confusion.
  4. Fibrillation of the heart.
  5. Loss of consciousness.
  6. Pallor of the skin and him.
  7. The difficulty of implementation and its speed.
  8. The feeling of thirst.
  9. Feeling tired and general weakness.

Types of low blood pressure

1 – severe hypotension

Happen in case you know a person’s health and various types of hypovolemic shock in which the body to be a companion to bleeding or loss of fluid as a result of exposure to or as a result of diarrhoea and vomiting and may be accompanied also shocks the heart as a result of you know the width of the heart to the body and a part of the heart muscle which causes decreased efficiency in pumping blood around the body and may be as a result of trauma of the nerve or even trauma severe allergies.

This type of low-pressure is the kind that can be exposed to some people who are surgeries as a result of the use of certain types of anesthesia, especially spinal anesthesia and treated by dialysis for one.

2 – hypotension chronic

Wearing this type of the existence of a hormone imbalance such as Addison’s disease which results in the inability of the body to regulate the absorption of water and salts, which leads to falling pressure and also in cases of thyroid problems, especially when Low her hormones that play a role in the work of the heart and blood pressure.

3 – orthostatic hypotension

This type of hypotension is considered the most popular types of low pressure associated with a decrease in blood pressure after changing the patient’s position such as standing suddenly after he was in a lying down position or sitting that usually occurs as a result of the malfunctioning or damage of the nervous system and all of the seniors and diabetics.

4. the pressure drop after eating

Is low blood pressure on the rate of its natural after eating fatty meals or meals high in carbohydrates as increasing the blood nutrients for the digestive system so they can digest food loss a person drop in blood pressure especially on standing suddenly and hard by the elderly is larger than the others.

Treatment of low blood pressure

What should be pointed out to him that medical interventions to raise blood pressure not to be resorted to only in cases of severe hypotension resulting from trauma because it may lead to death or permanent disability, and the treatment is as follows:

  1. Cases blood pressure acute is the case of emergency medical intervention and immediate, such as compensation of lost blood and fluids, oxygen for the patient and medications that constrict blood vessels to reduce blood loss.
  2. The case of low pressure of chronic and other cases do not require any medical intervention except in the case of the body has become unable to adapt to him and his life and deal with them as needed for example : people who have Down pressure after food they must change the system of food followed and reduce the quantities and evaluated at spaced intervals.

Treatment of low blood pressure without drugs

  1. Increase the amount of water you are drinking daily.
  2. Change your body position gradually.
  3. Eating small amounts of food and evaluation and attention to the containment of the food all the nutrients moderately.
  4. Lack of intake of caffeine in tea and coffee at all hours of the night.


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