5 rumors healthy products heavily


Many of the rumors of health throughout the ages. Some of these rumors tested scientifically and have been documented as facts scientific while the rest many of the rumors in the space of human imagination which has no basis of Health! In this article since you some of these rumors.

Where it comes from rumors? Rumors either it’s a myth the generations away from any consideration of sound science or to be scientific facts have been documented previously by studies conducted in the twentieth century but with the development of Science and research methods found in modern science and the most accurate her fault.

You have to drink eight glasses of water a day

عجائب الماء السبعة

Mention the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, that what matters is not the number of glasses of water that you drink, but what matters is that you are getting enough water. The question is: what is enough? Reminding the centre that it should not expect the guidance to the amount of money that you have to drink it every day, but the National Academy of science of America another view that women should drink the equivalent of 2.7 liters and men 3.7 liters of “a” water a day.

The word “complex” is very important they don’t mean the amount of pure water pure you drink it a the money you get from drinks and food with.

It is important to recognize that a money person moderate of beverages “All Inclusive beverages containing caffeine,” come 80% while 20% of the water from the food. While most people consider that a money you should get is 2.5 liters of pure water only and this figure does not include the amount of water we get from beverages and other foods. In fact, this figure does not appear in any official guidance on the consumption of money, so why insist people on this arrest?!

A study in 2002 that this belief, which includes the eight glasses a day is not only a misunderstanding of a paragraph of the report the government released in 1945. Where, according to the National Institute of American research: “the appropriate quantity of daily consumption of water for adults is 2.5 liters in most cases. The normal range is 1 milliliter for each calorie of food and that most of the amount available in the food hub”. Researcher in this study that people focus on the first sentence, oblivious to the content of the rest of the paragraph which led to the rumor that adults drink the equivalent of 2.5 liters of water only in addition to the money you get from other beverages and food. And most importantly, the researcher in this study did not find any scientific evidence to support the theory of drinking eight glasses of water a day for health.

Feeling cold cause you caught a cold

خمس وصفات للتخفيف من أعراض نزلات البرد

I think people long to cold feeling in and of itself a cause of colds , but began this belief to disappear and people understand that what cause colds, not cold weather, but the virus.

We spotter viruses, colds, and which supports rhinoviruses by direct contact or presence in the place of the one closed with people especially when the infected person cough or sneeze, or when you touch the same things that touched the infected person. So it seems clear that the idea that cold weather causes colds is not only a rumor. The truth is that there is a mechanism that makes us feel cold, our bodies are more vulnerable to the common cold, but it’s not the cause. How? When you are inhaling cold air, the openings and cavities of the sinuses become cold and this slows down the movement of mucus any chances of that virus to bypass the barrier of the mucus and the access to the body have increased. Studies also found that cold viruses grow in the cold and her chances for survival are less in the body temperature natural.

Crackling fingers lead to arthritis

طقطقة الأصابع

Does not cause crackling fingers arthritis! Studies have shown that the probability of injury of persons who click their fingers equal to those who do not. So why is sound made? When we say the weather is detailed, we push them away a little at the point of the link, and that causes low pressure and low liquid which acts on the lubrication of the joint and when it occurs that produces bubbles from the liquid. This difference in pressure leads to fit the bubbles rapidly, leading to the appearance of the images known.

Cause the use of deodorant and breast cancer

مزيلات العرق وسرطان الثدي

I think many of the people the existence of a link between the use of deodorants in the armpit area of the bottom and breast cancer and this is based on the belief that chemicals found in deodorant affect the cells of the breast where it is placed in a region near it.

I didn’t find most or even all of the studies conducted on this matter any evidence of this belief.

Only one study was conducted retrospectively on the survivors of breast cancer and may find that the disease has been diagnosed have a ladies who put on deodorant the age of the youngest of the women who don’t which they use regularly. But since this study was conducted retrospectively can not be conclusive evidence that the use of deodorant is linked to breast cancer.

The National Assembly of the American Cancer Society that more research must be conducted to prove that there was a relationship between use of deodorant and breast cancer.

The house is not good for the heart


In the period of 1970 began to focus on heart health linked to bakutel. In fact, eggs are rich in nutrients but it contains large amounts of cholesterol compared to foods other. And based on this some suggest that it should not exceed the amount of eggs intake in Week 4 eggs and I must say many people with diabetes of the second type, or of diseases of the heart and arteries.

But a recent study showed that there is no association between intake of eggs and problems with cholesterol or increase the likelihood of heart disease and Type II diabetes. The study showed that people who ate more than seven eggs a week they have a few levels of cholesterol are harmful and high levels of cholesterol beneficial and this means that eating two eggs per day is considered safe healthy no influence, whether positive or negative on the likelihood of developing of Type II diabetes or diseases of the heart and arteries.




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