21 signs of early pregnancy

In the last period of your last menstrual cycle, start the early pregnancy signs to emerge, but you may not notice its existence or know it’s pregnancy symptoms for you to trade by.

Do you wonder if you might be pregnant? The only way to know is to do a pregnancy test, but there are early pregnancy signs that may indicate this possibility, here’s what you’re looking for.

Signs of pregnancy very early after ovulation

Signs of early pregnancy from one woman to another, and not just the symptoms while experiences during the 9 months also, as that is not for each lady the same symptoms of pregnancy to the next.

علامات الحمل المبكرة جدًا بعد التبويض

And because the signs of early pregnancy mimic the symptoms faced by menopausal, you may not realize the situation she was waiting for news, so it will show you all the signs of early pregnancy the most common.

Spasms of the abdomen

After the adhesion of the ovum in the uterine wall, women feel the need deforms the streak in the abdomen, and these the first signs of early pregnancy.

Mix on some women it in the beginning of pregnancy, that this show was just the beginning of the menstrual cycle accompanied by spasm and contraction in the abdomen.

Changes of the breast

Note some changes in the breast is not something only pregnancy, because the hormone levels of women change and increase in the body, which makes the breasts swollen and the middle of the two, as well as get two color pap.


Of months the indicators and signs of early pregnancy is nausea in the morning, although it is very common among women, but not all the necessary to happen to have them all, due to him because of the hormonal changes that occur in the body.

Discharge White

Having a discharge of white color coming from the vagina, signs of the building of which begins with the beginning of the first days of pregnancy, may increase during the months of pregnancy, so don’t worry them.


Is normal that women feel the need of some of the fatigue during waking up early, once in the first week of the pregnancy begin symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion on the lady.

Headaches and back pain

Speaking with many pregnant women mild headache frequent, while others of pain in the back

Dizziness and fainting

May be linked to the expansion of blood vessels and low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

You can get women’s case in all these symptoms, or maybe have only one or two, if any of these symptoms are troublesome, talk with your doctor about them so you can develop a plan to compensate.

Early pregnancy symptoms by week session

You might want to know if you are pregnant as soon as possible, unfortunately, without conducting pregnancy test at home or get a blood test or ultrasound, there is no certain way to 100% tell you that you’re pregnant before you lose your period.

Nevertheless, there are some signs that you are pregnant, including:

Body temperature

Your body temperature when you’re ready, completely comfortable, and have the best driving normally when waking up for the first time in the morning, and may have a high basal body temperature for 18 days after ovulation an early pregnancy symptom.


The change of hormone progesterone in the body, increases the chances of constipation, because the food movement begins slowly in the intestine..

Mood swings

Rise always a sign of mood swings with the first month in pregnancy, has been interpreted by some to be due to the hormonal changes occurring in her body and women in general.

أعراض الحمل المبكرة قبل الدورة بأسبوع


The feeling of bloat and fullness in the stomach one of the signs of early pregnancy is due to that the digestive system moves slowly during pregnancy, which increases the chances of bloating, constipation and gas.

Frequent urination

The show begins frequent urination, beginning from the first days in pregnancy, and may continue until the second week, if you are pregnant, it is likely to be due to hormonal levels.

Signs of pregnancy in the first days

The first days of pregnancy carrying some of the early pregnancy signs which usher in the first trimester i.e. first three months, and may show other symptoms in the later period of pregnancy.

Often resemble symptoms and signs of early pregnancy other associated with the integrity of the menstrual cycle, so it may not relate to women on the symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The most popular signs of early pregnancy in the first days of the following:


Notice some ladies pregnant red spots and bleeding light when you wake up, it is associated to the egg fertilized inside the lining of the uterus, and usually occurs from 6-12 days of fertilization.


While this promotion is not very specific and may be linked to many factors, often describe pregnant women feelings of fatigue since the first weeks of pregnancy.


Sometimes headache also change hormone levels and may occur during pregnancy.

Aversion to food or cravings for food.

You may start cravings to eat greedily or not to accept the smell of it, the beginning of the first pregnancy and may continue throughout pregnancy.

Allergies to certain scents

The inhalation of scents, perfumes and even food, may provoke nausea and vomiting in a pregnant woman, especially early in pregnancy.

Shortness of breath

May result in increased demand for oxygen in the body to support the growing fetus, to make some women feel short of breath, despite the fact that this presentation is more common in the later stages of pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy of the eye

A lot of changes in pregnancy are well understood, such as mutations, hormonal, and food cravings, changes in mood, and morning sickness, but not all women know that changes in vision can accompany those campaigns that use 40 weeks.

علامات الحمل من العين

A series of hormones that flood the body of a pregnant woman affects both tissues and organs, including the eyes, may be most of the changes in kind of mild, but some may indicate a more serious problem.

The following are explanations of the most common in the eye during pregnancy:

Blurry vision and dry eye

Can pregnancy hormones rising that changed the quality and quantity of the production of tears in the eye, leading to dry eye syndrome, with symptoms include tearing excessively and blurry vision intermittent and a feeling of scratching are often needed.

Changes the refractive

The visibility we have come from by the way they bend by our eyes, therefore during the pregnancy may change this as a result of the detention of some water in the body, but can be corrected through use of glasses or contact lenses.

Migraine headaches increased sensitivity to light

Usually women suffer during pregnancy from migraine headaches, the proportion of infected to around 40, often accompanies this offer phases of the second and third trimester of pregnancy, but the migraine may be suspected in the postpartum period because of the sudden drop in estrogen levels, in addition to light sensitivity, also called photophobia is a common symptom of migraines.

These were the signs of early pregnancy and all the symptoms that you may feel it, if you noticed any of them you have to consult a medical team for our site and continuous monitoring.

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