10 Weight Loss Tips securely guarantee you a loss of kilograms the results of the fixed

If you are looking for weight loss tips you might come across a lot and quite a lot of methods that are called phrases such as “proven – effective – fast…” like the Prevention of fat completely. refrain from carbohydrate – stop eating sugars, excessive exercise, and likely to try diets but they don’t work with you and you can continue it.

In fact there is no Diet Fast be effective with on Friday because the response body of each person vary depending on many factors the most important genetic – structural, physical, and even psychological, in short there is no base standard, but there Loss Tips weight can’t guarantee loss of kilograms in a static manner.

10. cut down on calories but intelligently and versatility

قلل من السعرات الحرارية ولكن بذكاء وبراعة

The first trend is always to lose weight depends on the calories you are providing your body with it, because the calorie intake is less than that needed by the body you will pay for the consumption of the inventory has means weight loss.

But a sign of reduced calories and weight loss is not a linear relationship in the beginning, the rate of loss is large but it decreases with time because the body lose with weight the carbohydrates – protein – water – vitamins – minerals and other so for weight loss constantly be to lower the calories gradually.

It also provided the same calories does not affect in the same way, for example, 100 calories of broccoli (can even reach a very large pot of broccoli) are quite different from 100 calories of peanut butter (which does not exceed one tablespoon of butter).

Thus the primary key that you have to rely upon is choosing foods low in calories that provide your company long-term.

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9 – cut the road on the loop of carbohydrates

اقطع الطريق على حلقة الكربوهيدرات

Here’s the story of carbohydrate in the body: eating carbohydrates (bread – pasta – card – package – pastry….) Vader the of glucose into the bloodstream any rise the sugar level and here begins the role of insulin, which works to re-balance blood sugar by preventing the body from getting energy from the fat cells but makes him stir the sugar and there will happen two things:

  • The first meal you if contains fat, this fat will be stored directly without there being a chance to burn them because the sugars now are a source of energy.
  • And because the body consumes sugar (together with the inhibition of the role of the fat) it is natural to require more energy (carbs) and thus will buy more of them and you will eat extra amounts and in a vicious cycle of addiction to carbohydrates and sugars and you will gain more weight.

Thus the second key to weight loss is to break the cycle of carb on them and focus on eating proteins, healthy fats (fish) and relying on plant sources of proteins.

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8. cut down on fat but don’t try it fully

قلل الدهون ولكن لا تحاربها بالكامل

If you don’t want to store fat don’t eat fat, it’s treatment is true to some extent but you don’t have to fight the fat whole the body needs them, but in small quantities and need types healthy unsaturated fats specifically, there are a lot of fatty tissue that constitute the members of the body (brain for example) are in addition to fat can provide you with semi-long.

So make sure to stay away from saturated fats and refined hydrogenated such as prepared foods, and Reddish and etc, at the same time you can eat a small amount of healthy fats found in fatty fish – nuts – soy milk – avocado – olive oil…

Watch out for that drop food drawn fat although they are very regular except that obesity is very prevalent, doesn’t that make you wonder about the cause! It’s just that instead of low-fat these foods are rich in calories and sugars to compensate for taste.

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7. during eating concentrate on eating

Either to eat to the side of another activity (work on computer – watch television – Read health…) or eating because you’re doing something else (eating candy or crackers with the film – through reading or study deals with food…) or do something else during eating because you don’t have enough time (work some work through lunch – eat foods, fast…).

Unfortunately, you have to stop doing all those thing! You have to focus on eating till you eat the quantity that you require and do not give up the limit, but how? It’s simple, make sure you chew each morsel well – focused on the bait – don’t come to your business to the dining table – separate eating and other activities…

As it you focus so that you can stop eating before feeling stuffed, so eat slowly for 20 minutes and only then the time it takes information of satiety to get, so all slowly.

6. Why do you have to lose weight? And why should it continue?

When you decide to follow the car to relieve the weight or when you want to diet fast, you should think about two things: why do you have to lose weight? And why do you continue in the program or in advice? If I didn’t have the answer about it, don’t start.

You must have a clear goal such as that would like to lose 5 kilos to become healthier – to be able to breathe well – so you can wear certain clothes – so they look more slender and elegant… and reminding yourself of that goal whenever tired or bored and so will be able to continue.

You can count on the support of other classes in the goal of weight loss with a group you encourage each other, as you can seek help from your family and friends determine you and what you do to avoid a lot of the attitudes that you think about eating certain foods is not healthy.

5. stop emotional eating, and no problems on the food

صائح لتخفيف الوزن توقف عن الأكل العاطفي ولا تصب مشاعر على الطعام

Unfortunately I don’t always eat to satisfy our sense of hunger and silence the voice on the loud chirping of birds there, so why do we eat? The idea of answers and remember the answers will be a lot to eat when feeling bored we eat in the evening after a day filled with tired and exhausted to eat when feeling tense and angry and when you deal with the feelings of loneliness…

  • In case you are eating because you feel bored try to do things that you like watch a movie, exercise, go to bed in the garden but not to eat.
  • In case you feel tired , try meditation, get some sleep, drink a cup of green tea or herbal tea soothing.
  • As for the stress and anger try to dump your problems on something completely different write or draw or you can cry…
  • When experiencing feelings of loneliness connect with your friends before you three eat, met with them and various activities.

Always ask yourself before eating: “why would I want to eat? Do you feel hungry right? Or is the reason entirely different?”

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4 – Make hours eating too far from bedtime.

If dining during the hours where the in completed your activity and minimize or refrain from the food in the near time of sleep is considered of the most important things and weight loss tips the most effective, because the body will consume what is served during the activity you will be ahead of time. so, while eating and means that the bulk of it will be stored.

So you can make sure of the following points:

  • Refrain from eating before sleep duration of 4 hours, and if you feel hungry eat healthy foods to raise metabolic rate: loss – cucumber – orange – apple – yogurt – yogurt with lemon…
  • Eating breakfast meals saturated while delete dinner or make it very light (eating the largest quantity of your food during the day).
  • Working on fasting for 12 – 14 hours from the last meal before bed 4 or more hours like this, until breakfast the next day.

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3. the near-eye close to the heart… even the food

القريب من العين قريب من القلب..

So now you have 8 Weight Loss Tips depends on kissing of carbohydrates, sugars and fats and the adoption of the healthy foods in a healthy manner, but will this be possible when you have a whole closet full of foods, light desserts and when has Brad a lot of food ready-made?

Of course not, on the contrary, will buy eat because it’s close, but believe me, not because of the taste because of your love for the taste of certain only what is usually considered, in other words you have the heart of things which keep on thinking in a dish on the dining table, leave a container of carrot and lettuce and the option to cut near you.

As for the way that you can stop buying unhealthy foods: first, always remember the results eat – go shopping but after eating any you feel full (won’t buy any of them) – go for without carrying a lot of cash – don’t go shopping without a list of things to buy and do not go out on the list.

2 – drink more water even if not thirsty

Why is drinking water and education of the most important tips to weight loss? In fact, if the water is working to achieve your goal in weight loss more than one way, namely:

  • Often the body is suffering from dehydration, but it is compiled on that feeling hungry, and may not be able to differentiate between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry, so every time you feel hungry drink a glass of water may be starved non-real caused by thirst, and you turned it off, and it may be real hunger and you’re relaxed from its severity.
  • Eating a glass of water before each meal a half-hour to fill your stomach and push you to implement a lesser amount of food as compared to the normal amount you eat.
  • Drink water on an empty stomach offers a lot for all of the benefits and one of them stimulate the stomach and regulate the digestive juices means the process of digest the fast, healthy and thus reduce fat storage.
  • Drinking water rejuvenates your activity you don’t need to eat sweet and rich in sugars to give you the activity or to overcome fatigue and boredom.

1. Move – be active – exercise

صائح لتخفيف الوزن تحرك – كن نشيط – مارس التمارين الرياضية

We got to the last point but very effective case on 3 parts:

  • Move over the tops of the tasks that ask you to move even if it is your work desk, take breaks and in the office – I think the stairs and go up the elevator – to the places that you can expect to walk not take the car – tops of the housework…
  • We were more active so that tasks that need movement and even those things that you do to move you have to do it actively and not pixels and.
  • Exercise does not tell you to miss the Olympics and not to buy your club and to buy gym equipment especially everything there is simple exercises 10 – 15 minutes a day – you can dance or jump rope – up and down the stairs….

In the end, besides the weight loss tips and keep it if you have to do is correct your relationship with food and build healthy and refrain from eating or follow diets extreme that are based on deprivation and starvation in short, choose what suits you best.


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