10 factors when choosing your clothes affect your mental health you know it

Psychologists proved around the world that clothes of the individual his shoes are affecting your mental health and physical therefore you should think well in the quality of the clothes you will wear shoes that coordinate with them, to help you improve your mood and accomplish your task safely behind, and Farfetch are the choice for many individuals around the world.

Positive effects the clothes on him

  • Subconscious: it helps to know the impact of your clothes on your psychological state to choose the appropriate outfit even if your in your room alone, choose clothes must be in accordance with the task that you want to accomplish, like, a date or a job interview.
  • The red color provides a human powered as it shows the person in a manner that is attractive and exciting, psychologists say that sports teams that wear black and red color often played with enthusiasm and their joy of winning the order.
  • The cleanliness of the clothes; the affect system of the clothing of the individual to his psychological condition because it provide you with happiness and relaxation, and become the mind of the person active and astir .
  • Sportswear give the individual a sense of comfort coupled with good appearance and self-confidence, but you must pay attention to it well and keep it clean not only of dirt but of the throne also, and should not be worn twice, even not resulting a foul odor causes embarrassment to the individual than is reflected by the confidence.
  • Comfortable clothes enhance the confidence to plan and style is not always the ultimate goal, but if comfort is of make the person top of elegance.
  • The white color suggests clear and women therefore, experts advise clothing parties during the interviews and can be replaced with light colors because they provide the person with a sense of satisfaction and psychological comfort, and make others perceive it as a personal characteristic.
  • The consistency of the dressing with the nature of your body and place that are important to provide you with confidence and enhance self-confidence, the right clothes help you to bypass standing the embarrassing intelligently and easily.

Negative effects of clothing on it

  • Pieces many are feeling nervous as they suggest serenity and nervousness and person towards others especially in the summer because they feel the person is the opposite of winter.
  • Black clothes, although they suggest that even though global leadership, only to be worn in occasions a negative impact on the individual especially it is linked to sad.
  • Tight clothes affect you in prison especially if you are in a restaurant or invited to lunch or dinner because it will appear bulging belly as it makes it more difficult development process during the wear, coupled with your sense of power and the difficulty of movement, which affects the nervous your high temperature of your body.

The effect of shoes on the health of the body

Collecting experts of psychology, to wear the right shoe in terms of shape and size affects mental health in terms of comfort, nervousness, and wear the right shoe for your foot, taking into account the size difference between the feet and choose the lender according to the foot bigger, which is often the right foot for most people, below, we will explore the effect of each of the shoe pressure and weight on the foot:

First – narrow shoes:

Causes tight shoes in several damage to the skin in general, feet in particular, and most notably swelling of the big toe; and a deformation bone end for genetic reasons according to the type of the shoe, in addition to infection with the toe nail; to appear as a result of pressure and friction are addressed in cosmetics and wear shoes that are wide from the front, and the fingers hammer no bend the fingers from the middle.

The demo is also in the injury with your fingers intersecting where the second finger over the third and is cured by wearing wide shoes and did not succeed is not treated surgically, and also cause the injury to the back of the conflict which is about growths in the back sink in and get rid of them clip nails or surgery, neoplastic nervous system and accompanied by pain and sensitivity of the fourth finger and the third and need surgery to be cured.

Secondly – boots wide:

Cause shoes are the clear also the infection with the toe nail, sore feet as a result of celebration, especially for sensitive skin to the part of the surgeon, and is not safe for children with the problem as it may cause find they can be lost easily.

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